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Sixth Form Support & Transport


Counselling and Mentoring

Our fully trained and experienced Sixth Form counsellor is experienced in working with students as they work through a series of emotional problems and challenges. ‘Drop-in’ sessions can be organised during personal tutor time and the lunch break.

Leaflets explaining this service and how to make on appointment are available from Sixth Form Reception. Students will also be able to make a formal appointment when they do not have a timetabled lesson.

Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance

Our Careers and Higher Education provision aims to support students with the most up-to-date information and guidance to help with the important decisions they will make over the next two years.

The majority of our students progress into Higher Education but we recognised that one size does not fit all. At St Christopher’s Sixth Form we offer a variety of events and resources as part of our comprehensive programme of Careers Education and Guidance. We support students on an individual basis, allowing them to make the right choice for university, training or employment.

For more information please see our UCAS and Careers' Adviser, Miss Sutton or pick up a leaflet from the Sixth Form Reception.

UCAS Timetable

The majority of students will continue with their education at university having made their application through the University and College Admissions System (UCAS). Tutor time during the summer term will be spent preparing your application. Your Personal Tutor and subject teachers will assist you in selecting the most appropriate course and institution at which to study. Your UCAS form will be completed during the beginning of the Upper Sixth and sent off by October half-term. Given the competition for places it is in your interests to complete your application as early as possible.

University Open Days

Open days are held by all higher education institutions to enable prospective students to sample life at university. We arrange a visit during the Lower Sixth to Lancaster University for all A-level students, and to Durham University and Oxford/Cambridge for selected students. The Higher Education Fair at MEN Arena, Manchester will be held in March and all A-level students will attend.

You may wish to visit other universities, particularly if you are interested in a specific department. It is better to arrange these outside term time wherever possible but you will be allowed a maximum of four visits during term-time.

Work Experience

All students will complete a week long period of work experience in early July during the Lower Sixth. Securing a relevant and helpful placement will, with our help and support, remain your responsibility.

Students who are planning to enter one of the recognised professions - medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, and teaching - will be encouraged to follow a weekly period of work experience as part of the Enrichment programme.


St Christopher’s is a smoke-free zone, smoking and non-prescription drugs are also banned. Students, like teaching staff, are not allowed to smoke within the vicinity of the school site.


St Christopher's Bus Routes

The sixth form transport scheme was introduced in response to requests from parents and students. The service works very well. However, the viability of the scheme is only made possible with the financial support and commitment of both school and parents working in partnership.  

SC1 Sixth Form Bus:
Foulridge, Colne, Barrowford, Fence, Higham, Padiham, Altham

The SC1 bus route is a new route run by the Sixth Form and replaces the 910. The current costs for travel on the SC1 are:

  • £517 Zone C
  • £730 Zone B
  • £897 Zone A

which can be split over ten months. You can download a copy of the timetable here.

SC3 Sixth Form Bus:
Clitheroe, Barrow, Whalley, Great Harwood, Rishton

The SC3 bus route is currently available for students and we anticipate that it will remain so. The bus route is flexible to ensure that it can pick up the majority of our students travelling through or near the above areas. The cost of the contract pass is £806 per year and this is payable through a standing order of £80.60 over 10 months. You can view the timetable here.

For more details about the SC1 and SC3 routes please contact Mrs Braithwaite (Sixth Form Attendance and Transport Officer) at j.braithwaite@st-christophers.org or call 01254 380527.

Transdev Bus Services
Under 19's - discounted tickets 1/3 cheaper!

Transdev provide a simpler and cheaper travel scheme for students aged 19 and under. You will no longer need to show any identification to get a discount on the adult fare. Any student who is aged 19 and under who asks for an U19 ticket will receive reduced price travel. Tickets are 1/3 less than the adult ticket price. For further details please check out their website.


Accrington railway station is less than a twenty minute walk away. A frequent and reliable rail service is available from Whalley, Nelson, Burnley, Blackburn and the surrounding area. You can find out more about the routes here.

Assisted Travel

For information on assisted travel please contact the Lancashire County Council Transport Officer Sharon Fullerton on 01282 831858 or email: Joseph.masonbaxter@lancashire.gov.uk

The Pupil Access Team for any inquiries can be emailed at: pupil.accesseast@lancashire.gov.uk