Headmaster's Update for Parents: 28 April 2021
Dear Parent, The driest April on record has helped to lift spirits as we plan for the unlocking of the school from COVID restrictions. We are not there yet and I anticipate that it will be September before we r  more 
Bikeability for Year 8 Pupils
This is our third year of running the Bikeability course and we are the only school in the country to have so many qualified cyclists in school! From Friday 23rd April and into the following week all our curren  more 
Headmaster's Update for Parents: 25 March 2021
Dear Parent, the contrast with previous years remains stark. Ordinarily we mark the end of term with a newsletter brimming over with reports and pictures of activities and accomplishments but not this time. We  more 
Year 9 Subject Choices
Year 9 Subject Choices. The year group returns in the middle of the Options process with the information booklet and forms already released.  more 
Headmaster's Update for Parents: 5 March 2021
Dear Parent, a final and brief update prior to Monday’s return of pupils.  more 
Science Week 5-14 March 2021
This year for British Science Week we are asking Years 7 and 8 to take part in an entire day, or two of science, including trying some science experiments at home based around the environment. This will include  more 
Headmaster's Update for Parents: 26 February 2021
Dear Parent, thank you for your ongoing support. It is now almost twelve months since my first COVID related Update and, God willing, this is likely to be one of the last. What a relief that we are on the road  more 
Headmaster's Update for Parents: February 2021
Dear Parent, thank you for your ongoing support. Perhaps like me you are still prone to alternating between periods of despair and a sense of joy that the worst is over. In this battle of the emotions it is ou  more 
Headmaster's Update for Parents: January 2021
Dear Parent, as we reach the end of Lockdown Week 3, allow me to say thank you on behalf of all our teachers for the interest that you are clearly showing in home schooling.  more 
An Update for Year 11 Pupils and their Parents
This update is from the Headmaster to Year 11 Pupils with updates about GCSE Examinations, Assessments, PPEs and Applications to the Sixth Form.  more 
Parents and Pupils Update from the Headmaster
Dear Parent, events have moved very quickly during the last 24 hours! Please share this letter with your son/daughter as they begin the process of adapting to the demands of remote education.  more 
Important Update for Parents
Dear Parent. The government have recently made a number of important announcements regarding the opening of secondary schools for the spring term.  more