Governance Structure & Statutory Information

A Company Limited by Guarantee
Company Number: 7728029

Reference to Clause 12 in Articles of Association

Members of the Academy Trust shall comprise:

1Incumbent of the Parish of Accrington Christ the King
2The Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education representative
Mr Stephen Whittaker
3The Area Dean of Accrington or his representative
4Parochial Church Council of Great Harwood, St Bartholomew and Great Harwood St John Or The Parochial Church Council of Knuzden St Oswald and Rishton St Peter and St Paul
Mrs Linda Hargreaves
5Chair of Governors
Mr Frank Whitehead
6Secretary of State appointment if required
7Diocese appointment if required
Mr Peter Jones
8Co-opted appointment
Mr David Anderson

Reference Clause 45 Articles of AssociationGovernors can also be referred to as Directors or Trustees - Reference Clause 45 Articles of Association

Not less than 11 Foundation Governors (3 parents)

Ex-Officio Foundation Governor
2VacantEx-Officio Foundation Governor
3Mr Paul Stinchon
Foundation Governor
4Mrs Catherine Wightman
Foundation Governor
5Mrs Helen Harker
Appointed by Parochial Church Council
6Mrs Denise Taylor
Appointed by Parochial Church Council
7Miss Kathryn Baron
Appointed by Parochial Church Council
8Mr Frank Whitehead
Appointed by Parochial Church Council
9Mr David Anderson
Appointed by Parochial Church Council
10VacantAppointed by Parochial Church Council
11Mrs Linda Hargreaves
Appointed by PCC of St Bartholomew, St John Gt Harwood, Knuzden St Oswald & Rishton St Peter & St Paul

Parents x 4

12Mr Alex Cran
Parent Governor
Parent Governor
14Mr John LeaverParent Governor
15Mr Leslie Mercer-Smith 
Parent Governor

Staff Governors x 3

16Mrs Clare Carter
Staff Governor
17Miss Helen Davies
Staff Governor
18Mr David Rogan
Staff Governor

Principal - Staff Governor

19Mr Richard Jones
Staff Governor

Community Co-opted 
20Fr Chris HoldenCo-opted

Clerk to Governors 

Miss Hilary Dicken

Company Secretary

Miss Hilary Dicken
Company Secretary

Any additional Governors that Secretary of State wishes to appoint

 *These Governors have declared a direct business interest. Details are available from the company secretary.