Politics A-Level

As Harold Wilson famously said; "A week is a long time in Politics", which makes it a fantastic subject to study to A-level.

It is fast paced, exciting and there are no right or wrong answers only what you are able to argue convincingly! If you enjoy engaging with current affairs and political issues and are interested in who wields power and influence in our modern world then Politics is the subject for you.

Why Politics?

Politics will be a new subject to the majority of you and is, therefore, an opportunity to study something fresh and new. Studying Government and Politics will give you an insight into the way the world around you works at local national and European levels. You will be encouraged to debate and discuss, critically analyse and present arguments both orally and through essay writing, these skills are essential whether you decide to go into Higher Education or a career after A-Levels. As part of the Government and Politics course, we visit Parliament for a tour and to meet with our local MP and visit the Supreme Court. The Government and Politics Department also leads an enrichment visit to Washington and New York where students visit UN Headquarters, The White House, Congress, the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Any special requirements?

The course involves a great deal of reading, note-taking and essay writing so you must feel confident in these skills. An enquiring mind and a determination to work hard are essential, as is an interest in current affairs in order to appreciate the broad impact of politics.

What will I study?

Year 1: The Government and Politics of the UK.
Paper 1 - The British Constitution and Judiciary, The Prime Minister and Cabinet, Elections and Referendums, Devolution and the European Union, Political Parties and Pressure Groups .

Year 2: 
Paper 2 – The Government and Politics of the USA
The Constitution, the Congress, the President, the Supreme Court, Political Parties, Pressure Groups, Civil Rights andComparison of UK and US Politics.

Paper 3 – Political Ideas
Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism and Feminism

How will I be assessed?

We follow the AQA Specification and there is no coursework element. You will be required to take three examinations at A2.

Further information

If you would like further information about this subject please click here to view the course leaflet.