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Dress Code

We hope that this dress code reflects our wish to offer you a more adult image which:

  • makes a clear distinction between you and our 11-16 pupils
  • is smart but comfortable
  • allows for a greater degree of flexibility
  • gives you the ease and equality of uniform garments
  • is not too expensive for you and your parents

As role models and young leaders of our 11-16 pupils, our Sixth Form students will be expected to have high standards, in work ethic, behaviour and appearance.


  • St Christopher’s Sixth Form jacket
  • St Christopher’s Sixth Form tie (choice of black with logo or striped)
  • Formal black tailored trousers (with front/back crease)
  • Short or long sleeved business shirt with stiffened collar and front fastening buttons (any colour except black)
  • Black leather shoes


  • St Christopher’s Sixth Form jacket
  • St Christopher’s Sixth Form black tailored skirt (choice of 2) or formal black tailored trousers(straight leg or bootleg with front/back crease)
  • Short or long-sleeved business type blouse, smart top or fine knit polo-neck (any colour except black)
  • Plain tights or black or white ankle socks
  • Black leather shoes

P.E. Kit

Suitable sportswear in any combination of plain white, navy blue and black.

Notes on appearance

1. The St Christopher’s jacket is compulsory. In addition students may wear a plain black or grey ‘V’ necked fine knit jumper or cardigan, which fits underneath the jacket.
2. Trousers must be worn at ankle length.
3. Skirts are to be on the knee or just above. Bodycon, mini or maxi skirts are not permitted.
4. Garments made from denim, canvas, corduroy or leather are not allowed.
5. Clear plastic retainers are permitted for facial piercings and visible body piercings (a small, discreet nose stud is allowed, but no nose rings).
6. Jewellery, hairstyles, hair colour and make-up should be discreet and appropriate for a formal environment.
7. No visible tattoos.
8. Outside coats should not be worn inside.
9. For health, safety and safeguarding reasons, please note that the following will not be permitted:

  • hats (inside the school building) 
  • facial veils or coverings
  • gel or acrylic nails (for students taking part in contact sports or some practical subjects)
  • flip flops or mules
  • shoes with platform soles or high heels (above 3”)

As young adults who are role models to pupils in our 11-16 school, in all matters of dress and appearance, Sixth Form students should follow these guidelines, wearing clothing which:

  • promotes a positive and professional image
  • is appropriate to their role
  • is not likely to be viewed as offensive, revealing, or sexually provocative
  • does not distract, cause embarrassment or give rise to misunderstanding
  • is absent of any political or otherwise contentious slogans
  • may not be considered discriminatory
  • is culturally sensitive.

Sensible casual dress is required for non-uniform activities, including charity days and out of school visits. Please note that the following items are not allowed:

  • transparent fabrics
  • low-cut, strappy or cropped tops
  • very short skirts or shorts
  • inappropriate slogans or images eg. on t-shirts.

Please be aware that by signing our student contract, you are agreeing to abide by our Sixth Form Uniform Policy.

If you are unsure about the suitability of an item of clothing or detail of appearance, please contact school before making a decision. We shall be happy to advise you.

Staff to contact (via 01254 380527) are:

  • Mrs S Parkinson (Senior Assistant Headteacher)
  • Miss H Davies (Director of Sixth Form)
  • Miss E Smith (Head of Year)

Our Sixth Form uniform stockists:

Whittakers Schoolwear Suppliers

Retail Shop                                   Retail Outlet
Waterloo Pavilions                     Pendle Village Mill
20-26 Church Street                  Hollin Bank Road
Blackburn                                    Brierfield
BB1 5AL                                       BB9 5NG
01254 676047                             01282 442424

On-line orders may be made from Whittakers via the link on our school website.

Please note that some uniform items are available from Abbey Street Shopping Centre, Accrington.


Whittakers Schoolwear Suppliers 
Retail Shop
Waterloo Pavilions
20-26 Church Street
01254 676047

Retail Outlet 
Pendle Village Mill 
Hollin Bank 
01282 442424

Whittakers' on-line ordering service is available at www.whittakersschoolwear.co.uk

Please note that some uniform items are available from Abbey Street Shopping Centre, Accrington.