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Purpose and Provision

Download a copy of the Geography Departments Purpose and Provision document here.

Curriculum Map

Download a copy of the Geography Departments Curriculum Map document here.

Geography is a subject that studies our world, and all of the dynamic elements to it.

As Geographers, we look at important global issues, both topical and those that have affected us for thousands of years. The subject brings together the arts and the sciences, giving Geographers the tag of good 'all rounders'. The disciplines learned in the subject are applicable to many other parts of the curriculum, and Geography is considered a key subject both by the Government (appearing on the E-bacc list) and universities (where Geography is considered a 'facilitating subject').

Key Stage 3

At St Christopher’s we teach a broad curriculum, combining many elements of Geography in Years 7 to 9. Geography is taught as an independent subject, with 3 hours per fortnight during Year 7 & 8, and 4 hours per fortnight at Year 9. One country is particularly focused on each year.

Year 7 topics:

• Places and the UK
• Map Skills
• Rivers and Flooding
• Settlement and Urbanisation

Year 8 topics:

• Population and Migration
• Brazil and the Rainforest
• Geology and Glaciation
• Environmental Concerns and Sustainability

Year 9 Topics:

• Natural Hazards
• Development and Globalisation in China
• Weather and Climate
• Tourism

There are opportunities for small scale fieldwork in the summer term of each year group.

    Key Stage 4

    At Key Stage 4, we follow the AQA Geography Syllabus. Geography is a very popular option subject, and is taught 5 hours per fortnight. The AQA Syllabus involves three units:

    Unit 1: Physical Geography

    Topics studied:

    • Natural Hazards
    • Living World (Ecosystems)
    • Physical Landscapes of the UK (two of Coasts, Rivers, Glaciers)

    Unit 2: Human Geography

    Topics Studied:

    • Urban Issues and Challenges
    • Changing Economic World (Development)
    • The challenge of Resource Management: Energy or Water

    Unit 3: Geographical Applications

    Topics Studied:

    • Pre-released material (available at Easter before the corresponding exam)
    • Skills in Geography
    • Fieldwork in Geography

    Fieldwork is undertaken by all pupils at the end of Year 10, with Physical Fieldwork carried out at Sabden Brook, and the Human element in Accrington. There is also an international trip to Barcelona and Catalonia offered to GCSE Geography students, at the end of Year 10.

    Key Stage 5

    Geography is taught at Key Stage 5 in the Sixth Form. Students are provided with a specialist Physical and Human Geography teacher for the course. We follow the AQA Syllabus. For more information, please see the Sixth Form website.


    Mr T Smith (Head of Department)

    Mr O Pellet (KS3 Co-ordinator)

    Miss K Hodgkinson

    Mr J Gerrard