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Sixth Form Everyday Life & Sixth Form Day

Sixth Form Day

Monday - Thursday

08.35 Staff Briefing

08.45 Personal Tutor Group (Assembly on a Thurs or Fri)

09.10 Period 1

10.10 Period 2

11.10 BREAK

11.30 Period 3

12.30 Period 4

13.30 LUNCH

14.10 Period 5

15.15 CLOSE


08.35 Staff Briefing

08.45 Personal Tutor Group

09.10 Period 1

10.10 Period 2

11.10 Break

11.30 Period 3

12.30 Lunch

13.10 Period 5

14.15 CLOSE

Everyday Life

Tutor Time

Pastoral support is an area we pride ourselves on and your tutor will play a crucial role in your time at St Christopher’s. Tutor groups are small so tutors can get to know you and an important part of our induction programme is building and developing this relationship.

You will see your tutor every day and they will provide crucial information about sixth form life, key issues and your future beyond St Christopher’s. Tutors will discuss your progress one-to-one at various points in the year and they are there to support you if challenges arise. During your second year they will provide the references which are used for UCAS, apprenticeships or job applications.


You will study a two week timetable of 48 lessons. All students study four subjects for the majority of the Lower Sixth. This broad range helps to keep your options open before narrowing down to your best three subjects as we move closer to the final year. Each subject is taught over nine hours balanced over the two-weeks, equalling 36 lessons. The remaining sessions will be made up of Enrichment (3), Supervised Study (5), and independent study (4).

Attendance at lessons is essential to success at A-level. Students are expected to attend all their lessons.

Supervised Private Study

You will be allocated five sessions during which you will be registered and study in a specific location. The Library is a place for silent study allowing you to work in an environment which is conducive to learning. This time will allow you to absorb yourself in your chosen subjects, complete work set and encourages the independent work habits necessary for future success.


We are very proud of our Library which is much more than an IT Centre. The range of books, periodicals, and magazines on offer will allow you to read around your subject as well as exploring other topics to develop your general knowledge. Mrs Robinson works in the Library helping you to find resources, borrow laptops and supporting your academic development.

Student Hub

The Student Hub is your area for rest and relaxation. Please keep it clean, pleasant and comfortable by putting all litter in the bin and all crockery away.


The Student Hub will be open for the purchase of food from 8.00am - 11.45am, and from 12.15pm - 2.30pm. Cash is used for all purchases both at the kiosk and in the vendors. You are very welcome to bring food from home to eat in the Hub. Sixth Formers will have the privilege of leaving the site during lunchtime. When you leave it is essential that you sign out and back in on your return, this allows us to account for your whereabouts in the event of an emergency.

Independent Study

A-level work is interesting, stimulating, but above all else it is demanding. You will need to devote at least five hours of your own time per subject per week during term time, and much more in preparation for examinations. Homework assignments will be set but you should also complete additional research and reading to enhance your learning. There will be an assumption that you are sufficiently well motivated and mature to manage your time effectively.

Paid Work

We strongly recommend that you do not take on more than seven hours paid weekly work during term time. It has been proven that more than this has a detrimental impact on your A-level work and academic outcomes.


Enrichment is an essential ingredient of the Sixth Form experience. We want to encourage successful students to find a balance between the demands of studies and involving themselves in other areas of school life. It is important that you leave us as well-rounded young people who have had the opportunity to develop life-skills, pursue interests they are passionate about or gain additional qualifications and experience.

Wednesday afternoons will be devoted to enrichment when all students will be ‘off timetable’. You will be required to opt for a course or programme some of which will last for a term, others for longer. Examples of enrichment activities include Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, Extended Project Qualification, football and netball teams, sports leader’s award, and pre-professional work experience. Click here to find out more.

Get Involved! Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities take place during lunch time or after the Sixth Form day. You will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of clubs and societies; from the charity society, sports team, chamber choir, swing band, trips and visits.

You can also assist in our lower school mentoring programme, become a literacy leader, a school ambassador at sixth form events, join our Sixth Form Council and Senior Team - there is much to which you can contribute to get the best out of our sixth form! Click here to find out more.