English Language

The study of English Language is the study of everything from basic levels of communication between toddlers to the most sublime literary expression in poetry or drama. This course encompasses all of this range, and for anyone who is interested in English, it is a fascinating subject.

Why English Language?

This is a demanding course that provides a great deal of enjoyment. It enables students to develop and apply their understanding of linguistic concepts to the analysis and appreciation of the English Language. It provides a course of study for students wishing to develop research skills and investigative work related to the English Language.

Any special requirements?

Students must be self-disciplined and have an interest in the technical side of the English Language. They must be prepared to conduct their own investigations into different aspects of the English Language. Students should have achieved at least a grade 5/6 in English GCSE.

What will I study and how will it be assessed?

In the first year of the course, you will analyse how spoken language is constructed and used within a variety of contexts. You will also study a number of language issues which include:Gender - do men and women speak differently? Acquisition - how do children acquire language? Power - how does the language of persuasion work? You will further study how and why language changes over time and analyse how English is used in the Twenty-First Century.In the second year of the course, you will undertake your own creative writing. You will also complete a piece of coursework (3,000 words) which will require you to investigate a language issue of your choice.

Further information

If you would like further information about this subject please click here to view the course leaflet.

Purpose and Provision

Download a copy of the English Departments Purpose and Provision document here.