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Modern Foreign Languages A-level

French, Spanish & German

Modern Foreign Languages are important in many jobs and areas of life today.

Increasing communication and trade between countries means that there are more and more opportunities for a linguist to use their skills.

Why Modern Foreign Languages?

  • Increased opportunities for university - universities today value knowledge of more than one language very highly. Having a second or even a third language could give you the edge over other candidates
  • Increased Career Opportunities - As well as occupations such as interpreting, translating and language teaching, linguists can pursue careers in business services, government, contact centres, engineering, event management, financial services, marketing, media, public services, travel and tourism, or voluntary and charitable work
  • Increased earning potential - People who learn a foreign language earn an extra £3,000 a year - a total of £145,000 over their lifetime

Any special requirements?

Students should have sat GCSE Higher Tier papers in their chosen language and achieved at least a Grade 6.

What will I study?

  • Aspects of the society of the target language country
  • Political and artistic culture of the target language country
  • In-depth study of a prescribed text AND a film
  • Immigration and multiculturalism
  • In-depth historical/political study of the target language country

How will I be assessed?

  • Listening and reading comprehension and translation
  • Writing, grammar and translation
  • Speaking

Further information

If you would like further information about this subject please click here to view the course leaflet.

Purpose and Provision

Download a copy of the Modern Foreign Languages Departments Purpose and Provision document here

Curriculum Map

Download a copy of the Modern Foreign Languages Departments Curriculum Map document here.