St Christopher’s School libraryRead, research, learn.

St. Christopher’s school library offers access for all pupils before, during and after school and is available for private study and reading. At the beginning of a new school year all pupils are issued with a barcode that they keep inside their Homework Planners. They can then borrow books from the school library. Pupils can take out two books and keep them for a period of two weeks. If you need the books any longer the loan period can be extended for a further two weeks.

Library Lessons

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 partake in fortnightly library lessons as part of the English curriculum.


Miss Holman is our school librarian and is available for any guidance and support. There is also the opportunity to support the school community by becoming a pupil librarian. Please ask Miss Holman for further information.


The library stocks a wide range of resources including books by popular children’s authors and many information books to help with research and homework. We also provide magazines, newspapers and access to the internet in a safe and controlled environment.
Our dedicated librarian, Miss Holman is available to help with any queries or concerns as you use your school library.

The link below is the shortcut for the new library management system. Students can request a password from Miss Holman and can access the library catalogue from home and also do book reviews.

Science Week Resources 2021

Preview PDF with links to websites and topical videos.

Library Weekly Resource Roundup 2020

Reading Recommendations 2020