News - Sixth Form

Headmasters Weekly Update for Parents

Dear Parent,

Welcome to the sixth of my weekly updates.

I wrote last week of my hopes that we would now be in a position where a clear road map for the return to school would be in place. Instead we have what the prime minister described last night as “a sketch of a road map” which has raised perhaps more questions than it has answered. How infuriating for us all! At this moment we know that the government’s “ambition” is that pupils currently in years 10 and 12 respectively will get “some time with their teachers” after 1st June but before the end of the academic year. The unfortunate prospect for all other year groups is that September is the soonest date that we can now expect a return to school.

If, as appears likely, the period of time needed for online teaching extends until the middle of July there becomes an even greater challenge for us to get this right and to serve our pupils in a way which protects their wellbeing and promotes their academic progress. With this in mind I am working with senior staff to ensure that the taught curriculum is carefully selected and sequenced and that we increase the opportunities for pupils to learn directly from teachers, either through live lessons or recordings of presentations. We understand the benefits to be gained from seeing and being able to interact with a teacher rather than being reliant solely on written work and tasks.

In a previous Update I asked for some good news stories and thank you to those who responded. It has been great to read of so many St Christopher’s pupils getting involved and serving others.
Well done to year 9 pupil Josh who has used his paper round to reach out to vulnerable households. Along with a copy of the paper Josh has added his own flyer asking his customers to indicate if they have any need of shopping essentials. With the support of his dad Josh then delivers the order straight to the doorstep!

Sixth Former James was planning to take part in the London marathon in aid of Cancer Research. Mindful that this worthy charity would be missing out on contributions James pledged to run during his hour of daily exercise – 2.6 miles a day for 26 days! He is now over half way through the challenge and will have clocked up the equivalent of nearly seventy miles by the end. James is still looking out for sponsorship which can be donated at here.

Ed in year 10 has committed to improving his guitar skills and has posted a video on YouTube during every day of lockdown. Quite a collection and great viewing.

And finally, I have heard from Evan in year 8 who has raised over £200 for the NHS by … colouring his hair blue (with the promise that it will have gone by his return to school!). Well done Evan.

I am also aware of a number of families where for all sorts of reasons life is pretty tough. I am sure that you will want to join with me in holding them in your prayers at this time.

With my best wishes.

RD Jones