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News - Sixth Form

Pupils Apply for Prestigious Engineering Scholarship

It’s that time of the year when our Year 11 pupils begin to cast their eyes forward to the forthcoming exams and their next steps beyond Key Stage 4 at St Christopher's. And in the Design Technology department, we once more start to think about the transition to STEM pathways which naturally and inherently flags the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship application process.

This year we have two future engineers in Oliver Tucker and Mia Ingham, who were nominated by their teachers. A nomination is a marvellous achievement in its own right and it's a huge accolade for both these pupils that their dedication, skill, labour and effort over their time with us has resulted in this nomination. It's also worth noting but not fixating upon the reality that this has been achieved against the backdrop of a dented Key Stage 3 as a consequence of the 2020 pandemic.

Mia commented:

“I was very proud to be picked for the Arkwright scholarship programme and I was extremely pleased to be one of the two people selected. It meant a great deal to me especially being one of the few girls in my DT class and has shown me many new opportunities GCSE design technology can give me in the future.”

Like our A-level student Daniel Ley, who made it all the way to the final interview phase last year, both these candidates were invited upon application to sit the entrance examination and we are delighted to be represented once more in the final stage, an interview with the prestigious trust. Whilst Mia reflects on a challenging but enjoyable test, Oliver looks forward now to this final hurdle before Easter.

Oliver commented:

"The Arkwright experience was fulfilling to say the least. To be selected was an honour, and I hope I can take my design and future career further as a result!"

The Arkwright Scholarship is limited to a small number of schools in the North West, an affiliation process which itself carries a sense of esteem and St Christopher's are delighted to be in the company of other high achieving schools and departments such as Ripley St Thomas in Lancaster when it comes to offering this provision. A successful interview for Oliver or other future candidates would mean an affiliation with some of the country's biggest engineering establishments and would open many doors enabling pupils from our school and design technology courses to truly flourish and prosper at the very top of 21st century industry!