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Core Maths

Core Maths

Maths is for everyone. It is diverse, engaging, and essential in equipping you with the right skills to reach your future destination, whatever that may be.

Core Maths is intended for students who have passed GCSE Mathematics on the Higher Tier course, but who have not chosen to study AS or A-level Mathematics. Studying Core Maths helps you develop your quantitative and problem-solving skills. This is valuable preparation for the quantitative skills you will need for many degree courses, particularly subjects such as psychology, geography, business-related courses, sports and social sciences, and natural science courses that do not require AS/A Mathematics.

It is an annual, level 3 qualification, in terms of UCAS points is worth 40% of an A-level e.g. A grade A in Core Maths would be worth 20 UCAS points.

Core Maths is a new course but already several universities have come out in strong support of it. Even subjects like history now recognise the importance of statistics and so a Core Maths qualification will help you hit the ground running at university. Employers from all different sectors are also firmly behind the Core Maths qualification. Many roles in today’s workplace require high levels of budget management and problem-solving skills; Core Maths will be a useful tool in equipping you with these skills.

Some universities have shown their recognition of Core Maths by giving reduced offers for admissions to some of their degree courses, including:

These universities recognise the benefits that you will gain from taking a level 3 maths qualification, which will not only support your university studies, but also your future career and employment.