Headmaster's Update for Parents: 26 August 2021

Dear Parent,

With one week to go before the beginning of the new academic year I thought it timely to offer some helpful reminders of the arrangements for next week and of our expectations for 2021-22.

Thursday 2nd September - School will be open for pupils in years 7, 10, 11 and L6 only

Friday 3rd September - Open for all pupils and students

The school day begins at 8.45am prompt. Year 7 pupils should enter the school building through the main school entrance where they will be welcomed by senior members of staff and pupil mentors.

Uniform Reminders

Irrespective of age, the new school year is always a time of nervous trepidation and excited anticipation in equal measure. The opportunity to make a fresh start is one to be welcomed and this process is helped by everyone getting the basics right. It is disappointing if our first interaction with a pupil is one where we need to challenge and address a uniform infringement or inappropriate haircut. Your support in assisting with this transition is appreciated and welcomed.

  • Pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 are no longer permitted to wear jewellery of any sort, including earrings and plastic retainers. In Years 10 and 11, earrings for girls will be allowed with a reminder that this refers to a single small stud in the lower ear lobe. After being reminded on their first morning, jewellery other than the Year 10/11 studs as stated may be confiscated (without question, as with mobile phones) and given directly to the office in a named envelope for parental collection.
  • The official St Christopher’s school skirt must be worn at knee length only and may not be rolled at the waist.
  • Boys’ trousers must be classic fit only and not slim or skinny.
  • Hair for boys should be no shorter than a number two razor cut and no longer than collar length. Tram lines or patterns cut with a razor are not allowed and boys are expected to be clean shaven.
  • Any hair colours/highlights should be natural shades or combinations of shades.
  • A sturdy school bag (not a fashion bag) is required, large enough to comfortably fit an A4 folder and keep all contents dry.

Further details of uniform requirements can be found on the school website here as can a list of equipment and stationery for classroom use.

I am grateful to the Friends of St Christopher’s (FoSC) for running such a successful uniform swap shop during the summer break. You can find out more about FoSC here.


We are currently putting the finishing touches to our preparations in order to meet the latest guidance from the Department for Education and Public Health England. Our intention is always to operate in a way which protects all members of the school and wider community.

  • All pupils will be tested twice for COVID 19 on their return to school, once on the first day and again at the beginning of the week commencing 6th September. The arrangements for this mass testing will follow those established in March and the parental consent offered at that time will cover the new tests. No pupil will be tested unless we hold a copy of parental consent. Parents of Year 7 pupils will be contacted shortly with an invitation to offer consent.
  • Face coverings will no longer be required although pupils who wish to continue with wearing a mask may do so.
  • Pupils will return to being taught in subject classes and specialist classrooms although movement and interaction between year group bubbles will continue to be limited and monitored.
  • A full programme of extra-curricular activities will be up and running by the middle of September.
  • We are hopeful that the latest guidance will remove the need to isolate pupils who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus, thus minimising disruption to learning and allowing us to implement our programme of catch-up support for pupils who we judge to have fallen behind.

Parents of pupils joining us in Year 7 are reminded of the section of the web site dedicated to Transition. Here you will find all manner of booklets and videos to help your child prepare for the big day.

With my best wishes for the Bank Holiday weekend.

R D Jones