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Remote Learning Guidance for Pupils'

A message from the headmaster.

Rising to the challenge!

You will have heard the news that schools will be closed for most pupils until February half-term. For many of you, and I think particularly of year 11 pupils and students from the upper sixth, the Prime Minister’s recent announcement will have come as an unwelcome shock and one which raises many unanswered questions. All of you will be concerned about the implications of missing so much school just at the point where you were getting used to the rhythm and routine of the school day. Please do not despair and remember that your teachers are here to support you, to guarantee that you will continue to learn, progress and develop.

In order for this to take place you need to play your role. The commitment this week to logging onto Synergy and joining Teams lessons has been outstanding. This needs to continue! Your teachers will take a register at the beginning of each lesson and they are committed to joining with you for at least part of each session. Now is the time to establish good routines and habits – view it as a New Year’s resolution.

At the beginning of the school day (8.45am) you must log-on and check the Synergy Student Bulletin. This is where you will find links to the collective worship programme as well as other important notices. At 9.10am you can begin with Lesson 1 and continue for the rest of the school day. Please don’t be taken aback if your form teacher contacts you directly to ask about your welfare and work rate.

In the week before Christmas, looking back on what was a pretty testing year, I received a gift from a friend: a drinks coaster for my daily brew. On it was quotation from the Book of Joshua. It has helped me and I hope will help you as you rise to the challenge of the next few weeks.

"Be strong and courageous! Do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

Joshua 1:9

Kind regards and until we meet again,

R D Jones

Remote Learning Expectations

Remote learning will continue to be delivered through School Synergy. Pupils must check that their log-in works before the beginning of the new term. Any password issues, please contact Mr Goddard by email.

All teachers have been trained in the use of Microsoft Teams and we anticipate that most lessons will be taught live in an effort to replicate as closely as possible the normal classroom experience.

Pupils who are ill during this time will not be required to join-in with remote lessons. Please report any absences of this sort in the usual way by contacting School through Synergy or emailing the Attendance offer here.

During remote learning we expect pupils to:

  • Log-on to Synergy at 8.45am and check the Student Bulletin and watch/think/pray using the form time worship resources.
  • At 9.10am, click onto the Classwork tab where the work from all lessons will be displayed. Begin with Period 1, access the work and complete it to the best of your ability. DO NOT RUSH! Contact your teacher if there is a problem and use the Dialogue box if the lesson is coming to you live.
  • Repeat for Period 2 and then have a twenty minute break at 11.10am.
  • Complete the work for Periods 3 and 4 and then stop for lunch.
  • Finish the day at 3.15pm having completed your fifth period.

In the unlikely event that you find yourself having completed work there are still things to do:

  • Make sure that all work is well presented, accurate and completed in full
  • Search ‘Oak Academy’ and look at their online lessons. Some of them are first rate!
  • Do the same for BBC Bitesize
  • Find a book and read!

We have a responsibility to provide work and support but you too have a responsibility to work conscientiously and to the best of your ability.

Reminders for Learning Online

  • You are expected to be appropriately dressed when accessing online learning at all times
  • This is a classroom setting, so no inappropriate language*
  • Ensure your video capability is as secure as possible
  • How to Access Remote Learning via a Games Console

* Please note that everything that is put on a chat facility is recorded and monitored by teaching and senior management staff.

If You Fall Ill

Please contact us via this email or call the school direct to let us know if you fall ill with coronavirus or anything else. This way we can make sure that registers are updated correctly and timely.

Online Safety - A Pupils’ Guide

Follow this link to our page on top-tips to staying safe online and links to other website with more information to help.