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FoSC - Preloved Shop

Our Preloved Shop is open to all our school and sixth form community. We have a wide range of uniform items available for you to donate or buy, from blazers to PE shorts, as well as some fantastic Prom dresses and suits. So help us to save the planet and a little on your purse!

After over ten years of packing and unpacking our Preloved uniform we finally have a 'shop'. A former withdrawal room of the Cocker building has been transformed, thanks to the prize wining Eco Group, the support of FoSC (Friend's of St Christopher's) and the skills of our site supervisors. Complete with a changing room, mirrors and the ability to open in school holidays, weekends and after school, the Preloved Shop will be available to all.

Preloved Uniform

We have a wide variety of blazers for main school and sixth form. Equally we have many shirts, trousers and a smaller selection of skirts. We always have smaller amounts of ties and PE kit, so always act quick if you are need. We always have PE socks, often have school coats and random sizes of school shoes and trainers.

Preloved Prom

Our Prom dresses and suits are available to buy at £40 or hire at £25 (with a £20 deposit). Those bought will have the option to have FoSC buy back for £20. There will also be an opportunity to make an appointment at a later date to have some alterations by a seamstress and the costs of which will be covered by the FoSC Team.

Revision Guides and Subject Kit

We have a small selection of GCSE and A-level revision guides, and some subject kit available.

Lost Property

We will have a 'Lost Property Collection' during the last week of each term. Keep an eye on our socials for update.

Please note, any lost property which is not claimed during this time will be donated to local charities during the half term break.

Refill Station

Since the closure of Accrington's ONE Planet shop, we are pleased to reuse some of their equipment. With the help of Turtle Bee, we will be opening a satellite branch, with gentle, eco friendly skin kind, washing up liquid, shampoo, conditioner, washing liquid, to name but a few items. This is to help support the environment and your pocket.


We always welcome more donations of uniform and prom items, as well as subject kit, equipment and books. PE kit is something we have few items of, so any help would be greatly appreciated. You can drop off any items at both main school and sixth form receptions or to to the shop itself on the days that we are open.

Contact us!

To book a viewing or for more information please email FoSC@st-christophers.org