The new QUEST Award is being introduced to St Christopher’s as a way to formally recognise the extra activities our children do, beyond the curriculum.

We are aiming to equip our students with the skills needed for their future.

  • Demonstrate independence
  • Build content knowledge
  • Respond to varying demands of audience.
  • Comprehend as well as critique, you don’t have to agree with everything
  • Value evidence
  • Use technology and digital media strategically and capably
  • Come to understand other perspectives and cultures

These skills are vital for education as well as employers.

We feel the five strands of the QUEST Award, Question, Unite, Explore, Sport and The Arts will help children to enhance their experience in education.

To receive the QUEST Award the children must take part in an activity linked to each of the five aspects:


  • Worship/Connect
  • Eco GroupCharity
  • Chess Club
  • Science Club
  • Tenner Challenge


  • Uniformed Groups including clubs outside of school 
  • Charity
  • Eco Club 
  • Arch Bishop of York Award
  • CHARM Contributor
  • FoSC
  • Running Club
  • Ancient History


  • Connect
  • Science Club
  • Eco Club
  • Running Club
  • School Trips


  • School Teams
  • Dance Club
  • Judo Club
  • Kung Fu Club
  • Chess Club
  • Botcha
  • Badminton Club
  • Rugby Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Bikeability
  • Table Tennis Club

  The Arts

  • Music Club
  • Drama Club
  • Dance Club
  • Craft Club
  • MFL Film Clu
  • Librarian
  • Musicals/Shows
  • Spirited Art Club
  • CHARM Contributor

As we are in a state of lock down we have revised this and made a Virus Version (see table below in Mini Projects section). 

What we are expecting

Students can choose one project title to accomplish these five aspects or can do mini tasks for each one.

Please work to your child’s strengths. Other siblings can also take part, in their own project, in fact it would be really helpful for us, if they did.

Mini Projects

Should be equivalent to an A4 page of feedback or review, as the emphasis is on the activity they take part in. Maybe a photograph of pupil undertaking the activity/product they made. The teachers below have offered to help with any questions in the areas below:


  Mrs Litherland

  • Always challenge ideas. With the right question, one learns much more. 
  • How many stars are in the universe? 
  • How many viruses have we identified? 
  • Will Liverpool finally win the premier league? 
  • How should promotions and relegations be applied fairly? 
  • How much food can the UK produce? 
  • Do we need as many imports as we presently use?
  • NEW - How does my central heating work?
  • NEW - What are the different parts of my computer and what do they do?
  • NEW - How does a microwave heat my food?
  • NEW - How does my phone send a text to a friend?
  • NEW - How does a radio work?
  • NEW - How does my TV display images?
  • NEW - How do my speakers work?
  • NEW - What is bluetooth?
  • NEW - What is 5G?


  Mr Pountain

  • Being part of a team and organisation is part of human society. At the moment, this is physically impossible, but through electronic media we can do this. 
  • There are some people who feel much more isolated than you. Could you send a hand written letter or email to someone, asking them a question on a topic, you know they are knowledgeable on? 
  • We have the school community itself and we are all connected through our shared experiences within school, trips or sporting fixtures. We are also connected by email.
  • NEW - Ask an online friend about how they are doing at home?
  • NEW - Many online communities can be negative, can you post a positive thing once a day or week that will help someone feel good?
  • NEW - Speak to a neighbour and ask how they are doing?
  • NEW - Reach out to a friend or someone at school you haven't talked to since the lockdown?


  Mr Stratton

  • Whilst we can only venture out for exercise, there’s plenty of areas we can explore. 
  • If you jog or cycle safely, you can cover more ground and see much more. 
  • What local history is around where you live? 
  • Most people don’t live very far from the Leeds-Liverpool canal, a great area to explore with parents. 
  • You could explore different authors, plan a holiday or gap year, look at different careers options or explore areas of the curriculum you have never studied. 
  • Have you even explored your own home? How old is it? Have you got a loft, or cellar? How do your radiators connect to the boiler?
  • NEW - What animals visit my garden?
  • NEW - What species of plants make up my lawn?
  • NEW - How many insects and other small  invertebrates live in my house and garden?


  Mr Black

  • Whilst team games are out of the question, there are so many individual aspects of sport you can learn or improve. 
  • YouTube has thousands of fitness and technique videos you can watch and copy.
  • Yoga and meditation are simple ways of getting in tune with your body. 
  • You don’t need any specialist equipment for most of these. 
  • Just take care with weights-baked bean cans are a suitable substitute for most and your own body weight is great resistance.
  • Don’t attempt weights if you are under 14 years old. 
  • NEW - Callisthenics at home.
  • NEW - Learn to handstand.
  • NEW - Learn to juggle.
  • NEW - Learn a basic King Fu/Ti Chi/any marshal art form.

  The Arts

  Miss Davies

  • Can you absorb yourself in a book, film or musical without reaching for your phone?
  • Can you sing, play an instruments or simply enjoy listening to those that can. 
  • Many audio books are free online at the moment. 
  • Foreign language courses are also free at the moment, can you improve the language you’re studying or could you learn a new one. Maybe learn the language of your favourite holiday destination, write a note book of key phrases. Watch the TV programme, Race around the world, for inspiration.
  • NEW - Learn to draw.
  • NEW - Write and draw a comic.
  • NEW - Learn to knit.
  • NEW - Make a wooden spoon.
  • NEW - Learn Origami.
  • NEW - Try a salt dough project?

Large Projects

These should be equivalent to five or more sides of A4 writing. The emphasis is on the individual presenting work in their own style. It could be a traditional booklet or PowerPoint. Other options include, newspaper, model, animation, YouTube style video, diary, piece of art work to name but a few.

More examples can be found on twitter: @QuestAward

Large project question ideas:

  • Why is Accrington dominated by terraced houses?
  • Why do we import so much food into the UK ( start by reading food labels)
  • How is my fitness improved by walking for an hour a day (test heart rate before, during and after) compare to running or online fitness.
  • Field to fork, how is our food produced?
  • East Lancashire has a particularly damp climate, how did Gandhi end up in Darwen?
  • Food diary, what am I actually eating?
  • How old is our church, write letters to the older generation, for their memories, historical knowledge.
  • Accrington Victoria Hospital was a cottage hospital. The local people had salary deductions to build the hospital, it’s frequently faced with closure, assess the reasons behind this.
  • Political reform, only 2/3 of the UK electorate voted, only 14m voting for Boris, 23m voted for other parties. Is this good democracy?
  • Sleep patterns. Do I feel better if I abstain from technology before I go to sleep?
  • Musicals involve companies which travel from city to city, what are the logistics.
  • School opens at 6am, who and why are people in before and after school.
  • Design your perfect school dinner menu for a week. Look online for food prices, could you make the food competitively priced?
  • Judo has much of its history in Japan, but why did it develop and how is it relevant today?
  • Could you design an app/computer game for a target audience?
  • Horses revolutionised farming, how do they remain important to society today?
  • Plan and make a three course meal for the family.
  • Calculate the time on different household tasks as a percentage of day light hours.
  • How much does it cost to run my household?
  • A disease which is known to me... what are the causes, preventions, symptoms.
  • Why do daylight hours increase, how would it be in several different countries?
  • Take a photo of the exact same position/ or even sky, at the same time each day.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a pet, make a study of it, anatomy, food, fur/feathers. Draw your day as a cartoon/abstract art.
  • Swimming is excellent for rehabilitation for all people, explain the muscles used and the benefit of buoyancy.
  • Build something, use what you have.
  • Look in the recycling, can we avoid certain products?
  • Learn to use the washing machine, bake, iron and garden.
  • What is a mortgage, what’s the best on offer?
  • Football requires all manner of skills, but how could speed and force be calculated in your garden?
  • Our Trashion Show is famous in the North West and with top London designers. Can you make a piece of clothing out of trash, or upcycle an old item?
  • Make an instrument.
  • Write a children’s book.
  • Make birthday cards.
  • Plant a garden or pot.
  • Plan a holiday/school trip… actually cost things out.
  • Design a workshop for the NW Eco Conference 2021.
  • What’s under our feet? What does the study of local archeology tell us about the past?
  • Clayton-le-Moors is one of the most famous fell running clubs in the country, what is the history of this unusual sport?
  • The story of the Pendle Witches is famous local folklore, what other storytelling traditions can you discover in your local area?
  • NEW! How do planes stay up in the air?
  • NEW! Can electric planes be used instead of fossil fuel burning planes?
  • NEW! Can we end poverty?
  • NEW! Is the earth flat?
  • NEW! Can we colonise Mars?
  • NEW! Does life exist beyond our planet?
  • NEW! Can we travel forwards in time?
  • NEW! How does the sun release energy?
  • NEW! What will happen to the world if global temperature rose above 2 degrees?
  • NEW! Is the UK institutionally Racist?
  • NEW! Is the UK institutionally Sexist?
  • NEW! Is the UK institutionally Homophobic?
  • NEW! How do you build a house? 
  • NEW! Can the UK be run on only renewable energy?
  • NEW! Pick a piece of technology and try to find where everything inside it came from? (eg. Where did it's gold come from? Where was it's cobalt?, lithium? Silicon?) 

Of course, you can make up your own question.

This is non-compulsory work for during the summer, aimed at all Years (from 6-13).

The hand in date will be WEDNESDAY 1 September 2021 for any piece of work. This could be posted to school, emailed to Mrs Litherland in the form of files, movies or photographs. Once completed you will receive a certificate and an exclusive badge!

Microsoft Teams codes:

  • Science Club on Teams for numerous fun activities: code khu1jcu
  • Join QUEST Awards for ideas of investigative projects for all ages: code ldviima
  • Join Kung fu to learn a new skill: code k425cuy

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