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Recovery Premium


We recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-21) continues to have an impact on the progress and well-being of a number of pupils and students.

The government continues to provide schools with a designated Recovery Premium to support vulnerable pupils.

The school’s priorities include: 

  • Identify those pupils who need specific support to catch-up, whilst continuing to adapt teaching and learning (both in school and via remote learning as appropriate) to ensure that all pupils make appropriate progress in line with their peers
  • Adapt existing schemes of learning to take account of the need for specific retrieval activities to ensure that knowledge and concepts are frequently revisited through the academic year
  • Support all students through securing excellent teaching and continued high quality, bespoke pastoral care

School Improvement Plan for Recovery Premium

  • Improve our technology hardware to support high quality remote teaching. This includes the purchase of laptops and HUE cameras
  • Focused CPD on securing knowledge and understanding
  • Department time to review and adapt schemes of learning
  • Continued investment in IDL, Accelerated reader and other quality online learning tools

Y11 Support

  • Our strong Y11 support will be invested in further. All pupils will receive clear revision guidance along with support materials. ‘Period 6’ will be extended to ensure all pupils have the opportunity to access support.
  • Access to the library both in the school day and after school to allow pupils a place to study
  • Investment in small group tuition to address gaps in learning

Y7 Support

  • We acknowledge that Y7 pupils have experienced a significant gap in their usual transition. We have secured support from our primary links to offer bespoke, small group tuition to address KS2 gaps in learning.

Assessing the impact

The impact of this expenditure will be assessed throughout the year via:

  • Close tracking of identified pupils
  • Pastoral support to ensure a smooth return to full time education
  • Monitoring of attendance both in school and via remote learning
  • SMT line managers to track identified pupils
  • Use of progress reports for early identification of at risk pupils