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News - Sixth Form

Harmony in Talent: The CHARM Grand Final 2024

It was a chilly evening in March, but the atmosphere inside the hall at The Hollins High School for the CHARM finals was anything but cold. Excitement buzzed through the air as the local community gathered to celebrate the incredible talents of their young people and support two worthy charities: YNOT Aspire and Young Carer's Link Lancashire.

The stage was set, adorned with bright lights and adorned with banners representing the schools participating in the event. Among them stood St Christopher's, proudly represented by a group of enthusiastic students and their dedicated teachers.

Tilly H (Year 10), a spirited athlete with a passion for sports, stood nervously backstage, her heart pounding with anticipation. She had trained tirelessly for this moment, and now, as her name was called, she stepped into the spotlight to receive the Sporting Individual Award sponsored by Hyndburn Leisure. A wave of applause erupted from the audience as Tilly's face lit up with a radiant smile, her hard work and dedication recognized by all. She commented…

“I was so shocked that I had won the sporting award and being on the stage I was able to see my mum and dad bursting with pride in the audience, which made it even more special. I was over the moon as I went to join them. The whole CHARM event was lovely from start to finish.”

Meanwhile, in another corner of the room, Ralph B (Year 7) stood humbly as he was honoured with the Young Carer Award sponsored by Onward Homes. Ralph had faced many challenges in his young life, but his unwavering commitment to caring for his loved ones had not gone unnoticed. Tears welled up in his eyes as he accepted the award, feeling a swell of pride knowing that his efforts had made a difference. Ralph ha this to say after the event…

“It was a little nerve wracking at first, to be asked to go on the stage, but the feeling soon passed, and I could really enjoy the occasion. It was actually exciting being up there and receiving the award in front of so many people from all the local Hyndburn schools. I really enjoyed myself and made more special my parents being there and so thrilled that I had won.”

Maddie C, a determined Year 11 pupil, may not have taken home the top prize in the Young Voice Award, but her powerful message resonated deeply with the audience, earning her the title of runner-up.

As the night unfolded, the stage came alive with a dazzling display of talent. St Christopher's Year 7 and 8 dance troupe, 'Chris Cross', may not have clinched the top spot in the talent competition, but their performance was met with thunderous applause and cheers of encouragement. Miss Fielding, their dedicated teacher, beamed with pride as she watched her students shine on stage, their hard work and determination evident in every move.

And amidst the excitement and celebration, Faith C (Year 9) and Isobelle H (Year 10), proud members of the CHARM Forum, stood as shining examples of the incredible potential within their community. Their dedication to making a difference and supporting their peers was truly inspiring, a testament to the power of unity and collaboration. Miss Blackburn, St Christopher's lead on the event, said…

“The CHARM Event is one of the highlights of the year and wonderful to be a part of. The pupils involved, not just from St Christopher’s but across the borough, are fantastic and an inspiration to all. This years has been so much fun to be involved with and even better to see our own pupils do so well. Congratulations to everyone!”

As the night drew to a close, the spirit of CHARM lingered in the air, a reminder of the boundless talent and resilience of the young people of Hyndburn. And as the community came together to celebrate their achievements and support those in need, they knew that the future was bright with promise and possibility.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in making the whole experience so enjoyable, but a very special thanks to our very own Miss Blackburn whose commitment to the event, from the in-house competition, right through to the grand final is truly exceptional!