News - Sixth Form

Headmasters Update for Parents: COVID Update

Dear Parent,

Thank you for the way in which you continue to support the work of St Christopher’s.

School life continues much the same as normal for the vast majority of pupils and it is to their great credit that they have risen to the challenges of remaining bubble bound, limiting their movement round the school site and conducting themselves in a mature and thoughtful manner. We look forward to a limited number of extra-curricular activities being made available from next week.

NHS England have asked all schools to forward a letter from the Chief Nurse and Interim Chief Medical Officer. Please take a moment to read it and take note of the helpful information about Test and Trace. You can download a copy of it here.

Should you be in a position where your child is off school due to ill health or sickness, please let us know following our usual procedures. If the absence is COVID related – showing one or more of the three symptoms or self-isolating in the household – please let us know so that we can apply the correct attendance code and more importantly keep a track on the extent of any outbreak.

Sixth Form students are encouraged to download the NHS COVID-19 app.

RD Jones