Brand New Online School Art Gallery

Welcome to the new online school art gallery, showcasing students’ artwork which is being created at home! Students have been set a variety of online art tasks following on from projects which began in the new year, with projects so far including a Year 7 creative family tree task, a Change 4 Life poster for Year 8, and artist research pages focussing on portrait artists for Year 9 students.

Students have also been set an Easter Challenge: For Key Stage 3 this is the Loo Roll Challenge, recreating their favourite piece of work by a famous artist on a loo roll tube! For Key Stage 4, this is the Mini Sculpture Challenge, where students are using their 3D skills to create a mini sculptural form inspired by Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth’s work.

When students finish their artwork at home, they can submit it to their teacher by taking a photograph and emailing it to their art teacher. Each week teachers will select the best artworks and add them to the online gallery – if you have submitted work, check the link below to see if your work has made it into the gallery!

St Christopher's Art Gallery