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Bikeability for Year 8 Pupils

This is our third year of running the Bikeability course and we are the only school in the country to have so many qualified cyclists in school! From Friday 23rd April and into the following week all our current Year 8 pupils will get the chance to take the course.

Each teaching group will be off lessons Period 1-4 on their allocated day. The Period 5 lesson will take place as normal. All pupils will undertake the Level 3 Bikeability Training (more information can be found below). Each class is split into two groups, one will do cycle maintenance and other will ride for two hours, before swapping at break.

Go Velo will be providing the training, with full risk assessments including COVID.

“Getting our children outside into the local environment showing them safe ways to travel to school and explore the beautiful Lancashire countryside on their bikes is an exciting opportunity for Year 8.”
Mrs Litherland

Can all pupils arrive in suitable cycling clothing for the weather (water proof jacket, gloves, long pants/leggings, a warm top). If it is raining please bring a change of clothing. Bikes and helmets will be provided, bring your own helmet if you have one and you are welcome to bring your own road worthy bike.

A water bottle and snack are also strongly advised.

Dates for each Form Goups Session:

Week 1

8XL - Fri 23 April

Week 2

8YE - Mon 26 April
8YD - Tue 27 April
8XB - Wed 28 April
8XC - Thu 29 April
8XW - Fri 30 April

Week 3

8YY - Thu 6 May
8YS - Fri 7 May

Bikeability Level 3

The Bikeability Level 3 course aims to develop riders’ skills and confidence so they can ride in diverse road environments, including complex roads and junctions. Successful demonstration of National Standard assessment criteria in Bikeability Level 2 is a prerequisite for participation in Bikeability Level 3. This is tested on the school yard.

Bikeability is government-recognised, practical and professional training, and we know that cyclists are more skilled and more confident once they’ve taken part. Bikeability Level 3 training is delivered one-to-one or in groups of up to three so can be tailored to a riders individual needs.

We can cater for all abilities, including those who have never rode a bike before, as long as we KNOW BEFORE HAND. We have also put a few FAQs together which can be found below. Please contact Head of Year Mr Gresty,  Assistant Head of Year Mrs Lillie or Mrs Litherland for more detail.

Bikeability FAQs

Will the children be back for lunch?
Yes, school lunches will be served as normal timetable, though extra snacks and a water bottle are often appreciated.

Do the children come in school uniform?
Not on their allocated day they should wear warm clothes suitable for cycling, including gloves and a water proof coat. They, as they will be outside for two, two hour sessions. A complete change of clothes is useful, especially if it is raining.

Do the children need their books?
No, just the book for period 5 and writing equipment.  

My child can’t cycle, but is keen to learn, can you help?
Each child will be treated on an individual basis and hopefully we will be able to provide an opportunity to assist them with Go Velo.

My child is reluctant to take part, isn’t keen.
Over the last three years we’ve had 100% take up from children physically able. We understand the needs of our pupils and will try to accommodate where we can. The year group find it bonds them together and even the most reluctant generally come back with a story of mud or a smile on their face. Over coming fears is a great way to add the explore element of the QUEST award, or give an example of resilience.

We can’t get the bike to school?
We have a fleet of bikes available for all our pupils, as well as helmets. Gloves are essential, though we always carry a few spares in case they forget!