GCSE Results' Day Arrangements

Dear Student and Parent,

Arrangements for GCSE Results’ Day, 20th August 2020

I write to inform you about the arrangements we have put in place for the collection of GCSE results on Thursday 20th August.

You will be able to collect your results in a number of ways:

1. In person from the Sports Hall:

If you wish to collect your results personally, you may do so at the time you have been allotted in Form Group order (see table below). Please make your way to the Sports Hall. If you are arriving by car, this should be parked on the yard near the Coates building. Once in the Sports Hall please use the hand-sanitiser provided and make your way to the appropriate desk to obtain a copy of your results whilst maintaining social distancing at all times. Unfortunately only one member of your family will be permitted to join you in the Sports Hall.

Please collect you results in the following Form Group order to assist with social distancing:

 Time Form Group 
 09:00 11A
 09:15 11B
 09:30 11C
 09:45 11D
 10:00 11H
 10:15 11O
 10:30 11P
 10:45 11W

Once you have received your results please follow the one-way system and make your way out through the back of the Sports Hall.

2. Obtaining results by using Synergy:

If you are unable to collect your results in person you will be able to access them using the school’s Synergy website from 11am. You must use the secure Parental Portal to obtain your results in this way. Visit the portal by following this link.

Login with parent email previously registered for Parent Portal and password (if you have forgotten your password then click on the "Reset Password" button to be emailed a new password). Click on the documents tab (circled in red on photo below). Click on results document.

3. By phone:

If you phone for your results you will be asked a number of security questions to authenticate your identity. You will be able to phone from 10am.

We look forward to seeing you on Results’ Day.

R D Jones