Headmaster's Update for Parents: 28 April 2021

Dear Parent,

COVID Update

The driest April on record has helped to lift spirits as we plan for the unlocking of the school from COVID restrictions. We are not there yet and I anticipate that it will be September before we return to normal but there are signs of a return to old times. Still operating within COVID secure guidance we have seen a return to year group acts of worship, some more extra-curricular clubs and activities, and the opportunity for our younger pupils to sing outside during their music lessons.

We must however remain vigilant and it is worth reiterating the advice from the Department for Education of the need for twice weekly home testing to continue for the foreseeable future.
Year group bubbles and face masks will also remain a feature of school life for this term. Pupils must treat their face covering as they would any other part of school uniform. Currently we have too many requests (recently 100 in one day!) from pupils requesting a replacement mask because they have forgotten their own. Our supply of coverings should be used for emergency use only.


The date of our final INSET day of the year has been changed. The governing body have agreed to my proposal that this will now take place on Friday 28th May (the last day of the half-term) rather than the original date of 5th July. I apologise for any difficulty caused by this change of date but I am keen to give teachers sufficient time in order to complete centre assessed grades for years 11 and 13 to the standard expected and required.

Parking on Queens Road West at the end of the school day

The school’s relations with our neighbours on Queens Road West have almost always been excellent. In view of the fact that about 1300 pupils and around a dozen buses leave the school at 3.15 each day, this is a testament to the courtesy and consideration shown by our pupils and their parents.

There have been some instances recently, however, where the usual standards have not been met. If you collect your child from school I would ask you to be mindful of:

  • avoiding leaving car engines running for long periods of time while waiting for their children
  • parking with consideration and particularly not across people’s drive ways
  • avoiding parking on kerbs

Please help us to continue to maintain our good reputation in the local area, by adhering to these guidelines.

Thank you,

RD Jones