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Heating Up for Change

The St Christopher’s CE High School Site Supervisors, in collaboration with Stratos 9 Consulting, embark on a mission of transformation. They meticulously crafted a bid to the government's Condition Improvement Fund (CIF), aiming to overhaul the aging heating system that has faithfully served the school for decades.

The detailed proposal was submitted in the second half of 2023 and approved in early 2024. The team was overjoyed to learn that they had been successful and secured a substantial grant of £1,034,289. The school will be contributing a further £50,000 to the project. This is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the site supervisors and vision of the school's leadership.

With the funding secured, initial discussions commenced with CM Oxendale, the main contractor from Great Harwood. Plans were drawn, timelines set, and preparations made for the grand undertaking that lay ahead.

From June 2024 work will commence on replacing the antiquated oil-fired boilers, making way for sleek, efficient gas-fired units. New zoned controls and heating emitters will be installed throughout the main school, ensuring optimal comfort in every corner. The old calorifier hot water vessel, a symbol of wasteful inefficiency, will also be replaced with a modern counterpart designed to minimize energy consumption.

These changes go beyond the mere functional. Along with the recent addition of 726 solar panels and the replacement of 60 fluorescent type lights to more energy efficient LEDs (8kw down to 2kw), these will help to save the school a significant proportion on its annual energy bills. With an eye toward the future, the school is embracing its sustainability and environmental responsibility with these modern upgrades.

The whole project is looking to be completed by early 2025.