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Contractors or deliveries please ring the numbers below for the Site Supervisors on call:

W/c 19th July: Ken on 07837840190
W/c 26th July: Ken on 07837840190 or Terry on 07854871545
W/c 2nd August: Terry on 07854871545
W/c 9th August: Ken on 07837840190
W/c 16th August: Mark on 07415402633
W/c 23rd July: Mark on 07415402633 or Terry on 07854871545

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Headmaster's Update for Parents: 5 March 2021

Dear Parent,

A final and brief Update prior to Monday’s return of pupils.

Monday 8th March - Years 10, 11, 12 and 13
Tuesday 9th March - As above plus years 8 and 9
Wednesday 10th March - As above plus year 7

Testing for COVID-19

Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response to the national initiative of testing all secondary school pupils for coronavirus. The school hall is fully equipped with testing stations and processing desks and staff have been fully trained in order to supervise students as they self-test. We look forward to playing our part in helping to break transmission links by identifying those who may be carrying the virus unknowingly.

If you have not already completed the consent form PLEASE do so. The deadline for this has passed but we are willing to accept consent forms over the weekend if this helps to maximise take-up.

Uniform and Equipment

Pupils must return to school in correct uniform, including face mask and coloured year group badge. We want to begin the week on a positive note and so please help us by supervising any issues involving uniform and appearance, keeping a watchful eye out for skinny trousers, rolled up skirts, acrylic nails and nail varnish, jewellery, self-tan and unacceptable haircuts.

Pupils will continue to be based outside for break and much of lunchtime. We look forward to warmer weather but a school coat (black or navy blue) and jumper/cardigan would seem sensible.

Hoodies are not acceptable and risk being confiscated if worn.

The pupil planner includes a helpful list of the equipment needed at school. This is important as pupils will not be allowed to share stationary in our COVD secure environment. A small bottle of hand sanitiser will be a welcome addition and help to limit the use of school supplies.

Pupils returning to school on Monday and Tuesday will not be able to purchase snacks at break.

Year 7

Remote learning will continue on Monday and Tuesday. This will be led by the science department as we celebrate national Science Week.

PE lessons timetabled for Wednesday periods 1 and 2 will not take place.

Year 8

Remote learning on Monday will also be led by the science department.

PE lessons timetabled for Tuesday periods 1-4 will not take place.

Year 9

Remote learning on Monday will continue as normal although live teaching will be limited with the return of teachers and some pupils to school.

PE lessons timetabled for Tuesday periods 1-4 will not take place.

Year 10

Pupils must return to school on Monday with as much of the work completed during Lockdown as possible. The year group will be based in forms for the first four periods of the day as we complete the first round of tests. Part of this time will be spent improving and completing tasks set via remote learning, hence the need for all exercise books to be available.

Year 11

Year 11 will also spend the first four periods outside of lessons as we manage the initial test. During this time they will be able to revise in silence in preparation for the PPEs which begin later in the week. Each student must have enough revision material in order to make best use of this time.

Year 11 pupils will receive a letter today from me outlining our initial thoughts in relation to centre assessed grades.

We look forward to Monday with a sense of hope and joy: the return of pupils and the opportunity to get closer to consigning COVID-19 to the history books.

RD Jones