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Alumni Career Pathways

St Christopher’s alumni talk about their educational experience and career pathways.

We hope that hearing from former students will inspire pupils to think about the choices they are making in Year 9 and Year 11 and where this might lead them, in particular the link between hard work and high achievement, and future success. Our aim at St Christopher’s is to encourage pupils to really raise their aspirations and aim higher to achieve their full potential.

If you would like information about possible career paths then please contact Miss Sutton via email.

Erin Archer

Current Sixth Form Student at St Christopher’s

Video relevant to: Studying A-Levels at St Christopher’s  in English, Government & Politics, Textiles

Chris Arkley

Creative Director at Out of the Ark Productions

Video relevant to: Studying Design, Photography, Videography and Marketing

Katie Aspin

1st year undergraduate at Lancaster University, studying Psychology

Video relevant to: Studying Psychology at University

Sophie Day-Riley

Post-graduate student at University of Manchester, studying Chemistry. Has a place for a PhD in Chemistry at Cambridge next year

Video relevant to: Studying Science at University, Post-graduate study, Languages

Eilish Dingle

Teaching (PGCE) student

Video relevant to: Studying Languages at University, Careers in Teaching

Lauren McFadyen

General Manager of Service for EMEAAP (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific) at AMF Bakery Systems

Video relevant to: Studying languages, Career in Management, Language Careers, Business Management Careers

Sarah Moses

Technical Assistant in Weaving

Video relevant to: Careers in Textiles, Careers in Technical Subjects

Megan Priestley

PhD student at the University of Manchester, Immunology

Video relevant to: Studying Sciences at University, Studying Medicine, Careers in Science

Harry Sagar

2nd year undergraduate at Northumbria University, studying English

Video relevant to: Studying English at University

Craig Scales

Teaching (PGCE) student

Video relevant to: Careers in Teaching

Emma Sutcliffe

User Researcher at Difrent

Video relevant to: Careers in Design, Careers in Marketing, Careers in Human Resources

Ruby Jocelyn

1st Year Student Nurse

Video relevant to: Careers in Nursing

Tom O'Boyle

Project Manager at Hanson UK

Video relevant to: Careers in Construction, Engineering, Management

Eleanor Gadd

Medical student at the University of Birmingham

Video relevant to: Studying Science or Medicine and Careers in Medicine, Paediatrics, Science

Josh Holden

Paramedic student with the North West Ambulance Service

Video relevant to: Studying Health and Social Care, Nursing, Medicine and careers as a paramedic or in the Health and Social Care sector