GCSE Triumph 2021

At a time of great uncertainty for many this has been a day of triumph for St Christopher’s High School!

“It has been a delight to witness so many pupils receiving outstanding GCSE result, allowing them to move forward with confidence to the next stage in their education. St Christopher’s has much to be proud of. From the many students who have exceeded their target grades, to those securing a place in the school’s sixth form, we pass on our congratulations and best wishes.

Our pupils deserve all the praise and acclaim that they will receive. They are a wonderful group of young people, cheated out of their examinations but now able to celebrate!

Our teachers too merit a special mention and I thank them for the highly professional manner in which they have managed the challenge of awarding assessed grades. They have conducted themselves throughout the process with considerable integrity.

We are passionate about raising levels of aspiration and encouraging pupils to aim high and these results confirm that we continue to do a great job."

RD Jones

“I got five 9s, two 8s and two 7s! I feel really happy and relieved that all my hard work has paid off, especially after the last couple of years due to Covid. I am moving on to study Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Mathematics at St Christopher’s Sixth Form and can’t wait to start on the next exciting journey (fingers crossed with no more disruptions).”

Alice, Head Girl 2021 (Burnley)

“I am so pleased with my results, which were better than I expected! I’m over the moon especially with achieving four grade 9s. I can’t wait to start at St Christopher’s Sixth Form and achieve my ambitions.”

Ed, Head Boy 2021 (Accrington)

“I’m so happy with my results (three 9s and five 8s) and carrying on at St Christopher’s Sixth Form. Where I’m hoping to get my grades to move on to university and potentially study Architecture.”

Marissa (Accrington)

“I am extremely pleased with my five 9s, three 8s and 7! I'm looking forward to joining the Sixth Form next year to take Art, Law, Physics and Psychology. My dream is to move on to university to study Architecture.”

Elysia (Barrowford)

“I'm so relieved with my results (two 9s and three 8s) especially after such a tough two years we have all had. I can't wait to start at the schools Sixth Form especially the Politics A Level, where I hope my future career lies.”

Adam (Barrowford)

“With my six 8s and two 9s I could not be happier! With these results I intend to stay on St Christopher's Sixth Form to study Biology, Geography, PE and Psychology.”

Eloise (Burnley)