Easter Treat Competition 2020

The results are in from the Easter Treat Cooking Competition and we have the top three entries from Years 7, 8 and 9 as judged by our very own Mrs Bryan.

The pupils were tasked with creating an Easter themed food treat for them and their families to enjoy. The task was to take no longer than an hour and there would be prizes for the most creative and best quality work seen. But the emphasis was on making the most of the ingredients they had and having fun learning new things about food and cooking!
Mrs O’Reilly commented, “I was very impressed with the response (in fact I am still receiving entries today)! The fact that our pupils are able to show so much skill, creativity, adapt recipes to work with what they have available is inspiring. It just goes to show that not all Easter Treats need to be sweet sticky ones, as we also saw some lovely healthy food too. I am sure all their efforts were appreciated by their families and if it put a smile on someone’s face it was well worth it!”
Take a look at the winning entries below:

 Year 7

1st Place - Rachel Sells

Easter Cake

Very pretty Easter cake.

2nd Place - Bobby Ashworth

Easter Biscuits

Impressive icing.

3rd Place - Max Wood

Chocolate Cake

Simple and elegant cake, good sheen on his ganache.

 Year 8

1st Place - Nathan Jones

Easter Omelette

He’ll never starve on a healthy, simple classic.

2nd Place - Max Helm

Easter Cake

Good presentation.

3rd Place - Issac Whitfield

Filled Easter Eggs (Cheese Cake and Angel Delight)

 Something different for Easter.

 Year 9

1st Place - Jasmine Hartley

Colombina Cake

Unusual cake and looks just like the picture.

2nd Place - Ameelah Naveed

Easter Cupcakes

She’s a food stylist in the making.

3rd Place - Josh Krupsinski

Easter Chicks

Simply cute.

 Staff Entry (Just for Fun)

Winner - Mrs Lillie

Mini Egg Blondies

Absolutely irresistible.


Well done to all who took part (we wished we could have a sample of each, they look delicious)!