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Solar Ambassadors 2024

St Christopher's CE High School Eco Group was buzzing with excitement as the mini-bus rolled to a stop in front of Ribblesdale High School. The sun shone brightly on this June morning in 2024, a fitting backdrop for the 'CORVS 2' conference, the 'Council of Ribble Valley Schools', hosted by Ribblesdale High and organised by the Ribble Valley Climate Action Network. This annual event brought together students, teachers, and environmental activists from schools across the Ribble Valley to discuss and showcase sustainability initiatives.

As the group descended from the bus, their leader, Mr Allen, a passionate history teacher, gathered them for a quick pep talk. "Remember, this is our chance to inspire others. We've done amazing work with the 'Solar for Schools' initiative, and now it's time to share that success."

The pupils nodded, their faces a mix of anticipation and pride. They had worked tirelessly over the past year, learning more about the solar panels installed at school, and educating their peers about renewable energy. Their efforts had resulted in a significant portion of St Christopher's energy being provided by the sun, a triumph they were eager to showcase.

Inside the conference hall, the atmosphere was vibrant. Booths and displays from various schools and organisations highlighted projects ranging from recycling programs to wildlife conservation efforts. The St Christopher's Eco Group set up their booth, adorned with posters, charts, and a small model of their school, complete with miniature solar panels.

The highlight of their participation was a seminar scheduled for mid-morning. The room filled quickly as attendees, curious to learn about the successful initiative, took their seats. Mr Allen introduced the seminar, setting the stage for the pupils to present.

After the seminar, many attendees visited their booth, eager to learn more. The Eco Group members answered questions, shared resources, and made new friends. It was a day of inspiration, collaboration, and a shared commitment to a greener future.

As the conference drew to a close, the pupils of St Christopher's CE High School boarded the bus back home, their hearts full of pride and their minds buzzing with new ideas. The 'CORVS 2' conference had been a resounding success, and they couldn't wait to take their next steps in making their school—and the world—a more sustainable place.Mrs Litherland, St Christopher’s Eco Lead, commented:

"We are very proud of our young pupils, having a voice and explaining ways to make schools sustainable to other pupils using the Solar Explorer kit from Solar for Schools. Peer to peer collaboration and planning is essential if we are to engage the next generation in environmental work."