Students are offered an outstanding range of enrichment activities to broaden their skills, develop their talents and prepare them for university and beyond.

All students in the lower sixth participate in our enrichment programme. Making the most of these opportunities provide evidence for a prospective university or employer that you are positive, determined and committed to teamwork.

Our enrichment programme includes:

  • Pathway to Medicine and Pathway to Teaching
  • Work Experience
  • Recreational Sport
  • Football Academy
  • Sign Language
  • Charity Committee
  • Tricks of the Mind
  • Mindfulness
  • Dance
  • Food Bootcamp
  • Craft Club
  • Mind Sports

Many subjects enhance the delivery of their course with trips to local theatres, galleries and museums and with wider travel to Europe and the USA. During the last year, students have had the opportunity to visit Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Iceland, Borneo, India and the USA.

Extended Project Qualification

More able students are invited to complete the EPQ as a part of their enrichment programme. This A-level equivalent qualification requires students to complete an extended piece of work based on extensive research and covering an area outside of their A-level studies. Many universities look favourably on the EPQ valuing the way in which it develops skills of independent research and analysis.