Sixth Form Changing A-Level Subjects & Bridging Units

Changing Your A-Level Subjects

At any point during the application process you can change your A-Level subject choices by emailing us at

Bridging Units

Bridging Units are subject-specific information packs which help to prepare you for your A-level courses. Essentially, they are introductions to your chosen courses and will point you to key texts that you should be reading, or they will ask you to complete short tasks before you arrive at the Sixth Form. They help to ‘bridge’ any gaps you might have in your knowledge between GCSE and A-level study and are well worth completing. Normally Bridging Units are distributed at our Taster Day (Friday 26th June 2020*).

* In these unprecedented circumstances we have already emailed our prospective students Bridging Units for each chosen subject via the email that was provided in the  application. If you are missing any then please email We are still hoping to hold some form of Taster Day before you arrive in September. Look out for any updates on our website and social media channels.

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