Welcome Pack

You will receive a 'Welcome Booklet' on Taster Day before you start school in September.

What to bring on the first day in September:

1. School bag.

2. Pencil case with basic equipment.

3. Packed lunch or money/cheque to buy a school meal with a “swipe card”. 

(Swipe cards will be issued on the first morning and payment can be made in advance via Parent Pay).

4. A reading book.

5. Bus fare or bus pass, if required.

6. Pupils’ ‘Welcome booklet’ (received on Taster Day).

7. PE Kit will NOT BE needed on the first day.

8. In the evening, check your child’s timetable for the items required for the next day.

This will be Week One.

You will receive a homework diary, a paper copy of your timetable, plus a green timetable card for you to fill out. A map of the school and a prayer book will also be given. 

If you lose your homework diary, new ones can be purchased from the office for £4.00. The office can also print you a copy of your timetable if it gets lost for 10p.