Gifted & Talented Programme

At St. Christopher's CE High School we support all our pupils as they develop towards their full potential. We recognise that our pupils have a wide range of abilities and talents, and we endeavour to provide opportunities to nurture these in all our pupils.

As such, the main focus for meeting the particular needs of more able pupils are met through each department's personalised learning and differentiation strategies. In addition our pastoral system is committed to developing all pupils' social and emotional skills as essential elements in the development of the whole person.

We measure success by academic performance, as well as the levels of pupil confidence and independent learning. Teachers in all lessons can offer learning activities with appropriate levels of challenge for our most able pupils.

Our approach in the Classroom

The most effective schools are those who have realised that provision for G&T pupils is not something extra that you do, but something that has fundamental implications for the way teachers teach.

"If children don't learn the way we teach, perhaps we should teach the way they learn."
(Nord-Anglia Evaluation)

We aim to focus on producing creative thinkers rather than training pupils to pass exams.


We aim to build self-confidence and leadership through:

  • Expectations and responsibilities in school, such as prefects and school council
  • Participation in National Competitions throughout different subjects
  • Schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  • Young Sports Leaders
  • Young Musician of the Year

We also help pupils to realise the "sky's their limit" . Our approach aims to raise their aspirations and widen their horizons, through:

  • University and Careers support
  • Visits to Oxbridge Universities
  • Futures Evening
  • Aspirations Programme
  • Visits to Higher Education
  • Role Models