Spirituality at St Christopher's

The RE Department I see....

The Department I see is God and Learning-centred, Purpose-driven and pupil-empowering!

The Department I see is all-inclusive, A place where every child matters on the basis of who they are, not what they do, or don't do.

Differences on a Social, Cultural, Religious, Ethnic, Disability or Gender basis are irrelevant.

Our core value, our very DNA is that everybody counts, matters and belongs. Full stop.

St Christopher's RE Department is a place where all pupils will be given multiple opportunities to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ for themselves. They will also be given opportunity to engage with, be enriched by, and learn from the other five main religions in the world: Buddhism, Hindu Dharma, Islam, Judaism and Sikh Dharam as well as the claims of those with no religion.

At St Christopher's RE Department, belief is everything. The belief that things can be changed and improved, that the ordinary can be taken and made into the extraordinary. Any boundary can be moved, any opinion can be changed, any problem can be solved. The belief that we all should have goals, aims and outrageous ambitions. More than anything, it's the belief that we all have the strength within us to make our dreams come true.

The greatest gift you can bring with you to your lessons is a spirit of agreement with this vision.

Mr. C. J. Pountain
Head of RE/Director of Spirituality

Spirituality News 

Our worship themes have included a revisiting of our Core Virtues (Forgiveness; Friendship; Hope; Justice; Love; Peace & Trust), and a systematic study of the 8 Northern saints (Aidan; Bede; Cuthbert; Dunstan; Hild; Oswald; Paulinus & Wilfrid) after whom our 8 forms in each year group have been renamed. Our trusted team of chaplains and staff consistently deliver engaging and challenging assembly worship for us, which always moves us on in our faith.

Dedication of our newly refurbished Chapel:On Thursday 26th September 2019, we were delighted to host the Bishop of Burnley, who consecrated the Altar in our newly refurbished Chapel, and commissioned our pupil worship co-ordinators to their role, one in each form in years 7-11. Our Chapel is extremely well used, with all forms receiving Communion from their year Chaplain in there, on rotation every year, and Chaplains making themselves available on some lunchtimes. We also hold a weekly voluntary lunchtime service of Holy Communion for staff and pupils.

Year 11 Spirituality Day:

On Thursday 7th November 2019 our Y11 Destiny themed Spirituality Day, with Jeremiah 29:11 as the Foundation Scripture, was held, and was extremely well received:

  • “We got to learn about God and His plan for us.”
  • “I became more well informed about important stuff.”
  • “I felt especially connected to God today.”
  • “Great day. Enjoyed the lessons and made me think about my future.”
  • “Thank you. It was an amazing day.”
  • “It was very well organised and I enjoyed it all the way through. It made me feel very humbled.”
  • “It was really good.”
  • “I enjoyed it all.”
  • “Thank you to all who organised today and who appeared in the workshops.”

We are delighted with these responses, and there are plenty more where these came from. We are convinced these days are fully worth the time and effort.Of course, we launched the new concept of a ‘Spirituality Week’ for Years 7-10 in July 2019, which was hugely successful, so we are sticking with this model for now, meaning that Year 11 is now the only stand-alone day. (Our 6th form now have their own provision every second year in September).

‘Growing in Faith’ at St. Christopher’s

We are very excited about this project that seeks to bring home, school and church together to grow the faith of all. ‘Growing in Faith’ is a national initiative launched by the Church of England earlier this year. For our part, we are seeking to do all we can to support this emphasis in our part of the world. To this end, we held an extremely productive meeting on Tuesday 19th November with as many local clergy, parents and staff who were able to attend. As a result, we now have all kinds of plans that we are nurturing, ready to bring to birth in the new year. We shall keep all parents fully informed through Synergy of all new initiatives that are launched under the ‘Growing in Faith’ banner. Please pray for us as we continue to seek God’s will in this. There is so much potential to build His Kingdom with a lasting impact, but we are very aware of the need to make good decisions in the best interests of all.

Please continue to pray for us.

Form Time Worship Resources

Below you will find links to our Form Time Worship videos, which are to replace our Main Assemblies during these unusual times. Each week we will have a different themed video, kindly done by our local Chaplains. We hope you find them of use in your own worship.