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17th July 2017

Firstly, thank you so much for your support of St. Christopher's strong reputation for high standards of uniform. The majority of our pupils arrive at school, smart and ready for the day ahead. During the last half term, we have focused especially on ensuring that female pupils do not roll up their skirts and reminding them that over the knee socks are not allowed. Pupils breaking these rules risk a Friday lunchtime detention, through teachers making a record on their 'CLUE Card' and possibly an after school detention, should any individual be found to be persistently defying our rules.

We have already received positive feedback from parents on this issue. Thank you!

May we politely request that as shopping starts for fresh uniform for September, you ensure that your purchases adhere to St. Christopher's uniform policy. Please be aware of these points:

  • Girls' school skirts are to be on the knee, or just above the knee (mini length and rolled over waistbands are not permitted)
  • Boys' trousers are to be traditional, classic cut e.g. Whittakers 'TFF' Classic fit (slim or skinny fit are not permitted)
  • No.2 length haircuts are the minimum length allowed.
  • Make up is not allowed for school. This includes tinted eyebrows, lash extensions, false lashes, false or gel nails and fake tans.
  • Girls are allowed to wear one pair of plain gold or silver studs in the lower lobe of the ear only and all piercings must be removed for sport.
  • Please also note that hair colours must be natural colours and natural combinations and that braided hair is not permitted.

Please direct any questions during the summer holiday regarding uniform decisions to me, Mrs S Parkinson (Assistant Headteacher) at s.parkinson@st-christophers.org.

We would rather clarify our expectations than risk you wasting your money! 

Updates for September

As pupils move up from Year Nine to Year Ten and commence their GCSE courses, slight alterations in their uniform marks their progression into Upper School. These changes were shared with all children and some parents at the awards afternoon and apply for September 2017:

  • Senior tie (available form school reception or Whittakers.
  • Knee length (or close) Upper school A-line, front pleated skirt (22" length is available).
  • Plain navy school V-neck or school cardigan 

St. Christopher's Sixtieth Anniversary.

2018 marks the sixtieth anniversary of St. Christopher's CE High School. We plan to celebrate this landmark in a number of ways, including the phased introduction of a new checked school skirt (see below). This will be worn by all new Year Seven from September and will be the skirt available for Years 8 and 9 girls when a replacement of the existing navy pleated version is sought. This skirt will be available at Whittakers from late July. The new checked skirt may be worn at knee length only. We ask that parents ensure they buy a suitable length to accommodate this.

With kind regards,

Mrs S Parkinson


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