Mock General Election

7th June 2017

As has become something of a recent tradition at St Christopher's, the pupils are being encouraged to engage in political debate in the lead up to Thursday's General Election by campaigning for a range of parties in the school's Mock Election.
Candidates representing the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green parties have taken part in a range of events over the last week in order to gain the support of their fellow pupils. The young people from Year 10, Joseph Philbrook (Labour), Hannah Rostron (Conservative), Ian Mussell (Liberal Democrats) and Joshua Holden (Green) delivered speeches to lower school pupils and took part in a number of very lively hustings events, in order to explain their party's policies to the masses. As in the real election, the pupils of St Christopher's will go to the polls tomorrow to cast their votes, after giving careful consideration as to which party best reflects their own values.
The two large scale hustings have been crucial in the school's democratic process, with each candidate delivering a keynote speech to an audience of over four hundred pupils before facing their challenging questions. The Labour candidate faced a grilling over his party's economic assessments, the NHS was the main topic of scrutiny for the school's Tory candidate, the controversy over the proposed legalization of cannabis was a hot topic for the Liberal Democrat candidate and on the cards for the Greens was just how they intended to pay for their many progressive policies. The audiences at the hustings, made up of the school's Year 9 and Year 10 pupils behaved in a mature and sensible manner, asking a wide range of challenging questions which demonstrated a good deal of forethought and passion for the subjects at hand.
This isn't the first time that the pupils of St Christopher's have hit the polls at the same time as their parents. In the last General Election, there was a sweeping victory for an independent candidate with a range of policies designed to create a better world for young voters and in the mock EU Referendum last year, the vote was split 52% to 48% , just like in the real election. The twist? The pupils voted in favour of remaining in the EU!
Mr Young, Head of English and organiser of the Mock Election said:
"We at St Christopher's have been immensely pleased with the response we've had to this election from the pupils. They have been thoughtful and sensible throughout, whilst exploring the issues with a genuine sense of intrigue and excitement. We look forward to the election itself on Thursday and discovering if our pupils' views mirror those of the wider public or if, as in previous elections recently, our young people take a different view to their elders."

UPDATE - The results are in!

The votes have been counted in our mock election and the results are as follows:

Joseph Philbrook (Labour) - 53%

Hannah Rostron (Conservative) - 32%

Joshua Holden (Green) - 8%

Ian Mussell (Liberal Democrats) - 7%

Congratulations to the Labour candidate, Joseph Philbrook on his resounding victory and our thanks to all of the candidates for running a thoughtful and mature campaign, which engaged so many of our young voters. 


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