India Charity Trip

8th December 2017

Recently, four staff members and 13 pupils embarked on their much anticipated journey to ICMC in India. Both pupils and staff had spent over a year preparing for the trip and fundraising in a variety of ways including sponsored sky diving, obstacle courses, bike riding, bake sales and school discos. The final figure for all of the hard work totalled £18500!

As well as fundraising activities, numerous items were collected to take over to the children at the orphanage, such as clothing, stationary and toys. In total, fourteen full suitcases of items were taken, in addition to the seventeen personal suitcases which also contained gifts. During the week, both staff and pupils had many unforgettable experiences; in particular handing out butterscotch and chocolate ice cream, which the children had never had before.

For two of the staff members, this was their third visit to ICMC and it was a fascinating to see the incredible developments and changes made by the hard work and dedication of Jayaraj and his family. It is very humbling to be part of the Shining Faces family!

"Our trip to India was amazing and not something that I will ever forget! We met the most amazing children who always had a smiles on their faces. Everyone that we met were very welcoming and friendly and I hope that I can visit ICMC again very soon." - Joshua Holden, Year 11.

"Visiting the schools and orphanages with the Indian Christian Mission Centre in Salem made me realise how much the fundraising was worthwhile and necessary. All of the children are kind, intelligent and beautiful inside and out. I feel so fortunate to have had the pleasure of meeting them and spending time with them. Handing out the clothes and stationary etc. that we all collected, with help from family and friends, put a smile on my face almost as big as theirs. I am looking forward to seeing the further development of the facilities with the help of our donations and I am thankful to every person who contributed in any way. The trip was an amazing and unforgettable experience and I loved every minute of it." - Charlie Coy, Year 13.


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