Charity Book Collection

17th May 2017

Jasmine Baron, Megan Westerell, Amy Taylor and Erin Archer 

A group of Year 9 pupils from St Christopher's are collecting books to be donated to libraries in India, through the charity Go Dharmic. The charity, based in London, exists to help make a more compassionate, non-violent world. Inspired by the philosophical concept of Dharma, their calling is to equip themselves and others with the knowledge and practical means to reduce the suffering of all living beings.

The girls have asked pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 to bring in at least one book that they no longer read, to be donated to the project. So far, they have collected two hundred and thirty books!

Go Dharmic has undertaken to complete four libraries this year which will provide over two thousand children with a learning space they can be proud of as their own. The charity will cover the cost of getting the books to the children and ensure the four libraries are developed and maintained to a high standard.

Additional books, ideally for ages 5-12 years would be gratefully received and can be dropped off at St Christopher's main school reception.


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