A-level Progression Statement

6th September 2017

Every FE institution in the country has its own policy on progression to the second year of an A-level course. At St Christopher's, we always look at the whole student on an individual basis and not just at their academic ability. As in the workplace, every student signs a contract when they join us, which makes clear the standards required to successfully cope with the demands of A-levels. Having signed this contract, students should be prepared to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the level of course they are undertaking.

When required by our students, support is always offered but sometimes, individuals do not respond to this help. Consequently, when all other avenues have been exhausted and the student is still not meeting his or her commitments, we have to respect the student's choice, regardless of whether or not we feel that choice is in their best interest.

The last thing that we want is to lose students, which is why we have such a robust and wide-reaching programme of support for those people enrolled at St Christopher's Sixth Form. However, when a student repeatedly fails to respond to the help offered, we are left with very little option.

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15 November 2018

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