The RE Department I see....

The Department I see is God and Learning-centred, Purpose-driven and pupil-empowering!
The Department I see is all-inclusive,
A place where every child matters on the basis of who they are, not what they do, or don't do.
Differences on a Social, Cultural, Religious, Ethnic, Disability or Gender basis are irrelevant. 
Our core value, our very DNA is that everybody counts, matters and belongs. Full stop.
St. Christopher's RE Department is a place where all pupils will be given multiple opportunities to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ for themselves. They will also be given opportunity to engage with, be enriched by, and learn from the other five main religions in the world: Buddhism, Hindu Dharma, Islam, Judaism and Sikh Dharam as well as the claims of those with no religion.
At St. Christopher's RE Department, belief is everything. The belief that things can be changed and improved, that the ordinary can be taken and made into the extraordinary. Any boundary can be moved, any opinion can be changed, any problem can be solved. The belief that we all should have goals, aims and outrageous ambitions. More than anything, it's the belief that we all have the strength within us to make our dreams come true.
The greatest gift you can bring with you to your lessons is a spirit of agreement with this vision.

Mr. C. J. Pountain
(Head of RE/Director of Spirituality)

Worship & Spirituality - by Mr. Pountain. (Head of RE & Director of Spirituality).

High Quality assembly programme + form Communions for all

This year, as every year, every Y7 -13 pupil and student has taken part in an act of Eucharistic worship with their form and led by their year chaplain, at some point through the year. This is in addition to at least 2 year group Communions for all. In addition, our worship in assembly has been of the highest quality this year with thought-provoking themes throughout. These have ranged from a focus on 'an internal Reformation of the heart' with an emphasis on the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5 in September as we commemorated 500 years since the Protestant Reformation; Cleverly 'spiritualised' chapter titles from the book 'Making every lesson count' that all staff have studied; Revision-based themes to help our youngsters prepare for exams and life, and finally, an emphasis on the 7 strands of the new SIAMS schedule. In addition, we consistently ensure we focus on the church calendar at key times, with themes of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter & Pentecost all appearing on our rota at the appropriate time.

5 Successful Spirituality Days. (+ Preparation for 6th form)

This academic year has seen another 5 hugely successful Off-timetable Spirituality Days, each themed around a relevant concept and underpinned by a Foundation scripture. We are especially excited about the 6th Form Spirituality Conference, financed by the Diocese, which we shall host on Wednesday 19th September 2018, and to which other Diocesan schools with 6th forms will be invited. Next year, we are looking forward to moving to a different model with a 'Spirituality week' in July replacing most of the individual days.

Connect + CU (+ special services)

Our 'Connect' Tuesday after-school Christian group has continued to thrive this year as has the Friday youth group which we connect to, alongside the CU on Friday lunchtimes. Pupils from these groups have taken part in special outreach events, blessing all forms in the run up to the Christmas and Easter services. This provision has allowed some of our more committed Christian pupils to flourish in their faith.

A continuing significant voice at local and National level

This year, we have published a form time reflective sports & GCSE journal; met requests from national education publications such as the TES, most notably to write on how to teach about the dangers of pornography, and seen interest in our innovative resources such as a judo-based behaviour management course continue to grow. All of this is building a platform for us to share the Christian Gospel from.


We are looking forward to implementing this holistic, church-led scheme to support our most vulnerable youngsters from September. May we take this opportunity to thank you, our pupils, parents (and friends) from the bottom of our hearts. We appreciate you more than we can say.


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