How do we live the way we do?

In terms of our existence on Earth, it was only yesterday since mankind was living in caves and the day before when we were swinging from branch to branch with other creatures. Yet we have developed into an extremely complex society, with issues and problems. So how do we as human beings live and work daily within this complicated system and structures, as individuals, tribes, communities and families? 

Throughout the next two years, you will take a fascinating and exciting journey to discover some of the answers. Sociology will allow you to understand and make sense of the globalised world we live in. It will enable you to draw upon contemporary issues, for example, the summer riots in 2011, ASBOs and youth subcultures when studying crime and deviance or when studying beliefs, to investigate the growing numbers of cults, sects and new religious movements, such as the Moonies and Scientology.

Why Sociology?

  • A-level Sociology is a highly respected academic discipline and is widely accepted for many university degree courses and amongst employers.
  • Sociology is a subject for people who would like a career in the police, probation service, law, criminology, social work, journalism, PR, management and teaching, for example.
  • Sociology works extremely well with other A-level subjects, such as Psychology, Law, Government and Politics and English for example.

 Any special requirements?

It is important that students have an interest in why people act in certain ways and are aware of current affairs and social issues. Some students may have studied sociology at GCSE, but this isn't necessary to study it at A-level. However, if students have studied GCSE Sociology, then they should have achieved at least a grade C/4.

What will I study? 

Over the course of two years, you will study the following core topics:
  • Education
  • Family & Households
  • Research Methods
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Beliefs
  • Sociological Theory 
Year 12
Term One - Family & Households 
Term Two and Three - Research Methods, Education
Year 13 
Term One - Sociological Theory, Crime and Deviance
Term Two and Three - Crime and Deviance, Beliefs 

How will I be assessed?


Three two-hour papers 

Further information

Please click here for a course leaflet. If you would like further information about this subject please contact the Head of Sociology, Ms C Newton ( at:

Queens Road West

T 01254 232 992
F 01254 355 215

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