For keen musicians from all musical backgrounds ranging from the classical to the more popular.

The course involves performing, composing, and history and analysis of music from the 1600s to the present day, including film and television music and popular music. It will be demanding both practically and academically and is well respected by all universities for entry to many different courses. If you are a keen and able musician this would be an excellent course to study.

Why Music?

  • Music skills are well respected and highly regarded by the academic profession
  • The qualifications demonstrate that you have good self-discipline and application to a demanding course
  • Music can be studied at university or at a Music Conservatoire. Many colleges and universities also offer music as a subsidiary study
  • Music is an exciting and enjoyable subject with a lot of practical work and the opportunity to take part in many musical activities with others

 Any special requirements? 

You do not need to have a GCSE in music to study this course although that would certainly be a good basis from which to start. You should be a competent player on your chosen instrument of about grade 5 in standard and be able to read music, even if only to a very basic level.

What will I study and how will it be assessed? 


Unit 1 - Performing (40%) - 8-minute recital, Viva Voce based on your recital programme, performance as part of an ensemble, on a second instrument.

Unit 2 - Composing (30%) - Coursework portfolio and instrumental composition.

Unit 3 - Examination (30%) - based on six set works in both classical and jazz music.


Unit 4 - Performing (40%) - 20-minute recital, Viva Voce based on your recital programme.

Unit 5 - Composing (30%) - Stylistic techniques, composition.

Unit 6 - Examination (30%) - based on a variety of music including programme music and music for the stage and screen.

Further information

Please click here for a course leaflet. If you would like further information about this subject please contact the Head of Music, Miss H Davies at:

Queens Road West
T 01254 232 992
F 01254 355 215

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