Creative skills are vital to British industry

Creative skills are vital to British industry. A-level Art and Design will enable you to develop your artistic ability across an exciting range of techniques, experimenting with effects and concepts. This course is hands-on, with the emphasis on creating imaginative individual work. Students will visit galleries and take part in Art workshops to extend specialist skills and knowledge.

Why Art & Design?

  •  You will be well prepared for a future career in a creative industry
  •  Many students go on to further study leading to careers in graphic design, fashion, illustration, architecture, painting, sculpture and photography
  •  You will build a portfolio to use in university interviews
  •  You will have an opportunity to further develop your artistic skills
  •  Studying a practical subject can offer a contrast to more traditionally academic A-levels.  

Any special requirements?

Entry will be determined by interviews, at which students must present a portfolio of work.

Art GCSE grade B/5 or equivalent is also required for course entry. 


What will I study?  

AS -

Component 1 - Portfolio (60%): Produce a portfolio of varied coursework. 
Component 2 - Externally - set assignment (40%): Select one of five assignment choices to produce a final piece. The final piece(s) involves 10 hours unaided supervised time.

A-Level - 

Component 1 - Personal Investigation (60%): Develop an in-depth piece of work in response to an idea of your own choosing. 
Component 2 - Externally-set assignment (40%): Select one of eight assignment choices. The final piece(s) involves 15 hours unaided supervised time.

How will I be assessed? 

All four units will be assessed internally by your teachers and a sample of the work will be seen by a visiting exam board moderator.

Further information 

Please click here for a course leaflet. If you would like further information about this subject please contact the Head of Art & Design, Mrs G Ashton at: 
Queens Road West
T 01254 232 992
F 01254 355 215

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