We require our pupils to wear a school uniform. This is for a number of reasons. It establishes an identity with the school, and helps to build a sense of belonging. The uniform is smart, practical and hard wearing. Whilst the initial outlay for the uniform may seem expensive, with care it should last for some considerable time.

Whittakers is our official school uniform stockist. Their representatives will be attending our Intake Evenings when samples of our school uniform are be on display. All articles marked * are only available from their shop in Blackburn and their outlet at Pendle Village Mill, Brierfield. (Contact details below)

St. Christopher's pupils are asked to wear their school uniform with pride. Uniform must be worn correctly by all pupils when in school, and when travelling to and from school, as well as by any pupils representing the school or on school visits, unless otherwise stated.

 To visit Whittaker's online shop, please click here. 


School Uniform - Years 7, 8 and 9

Uniform for girls

 1.Official St Christopher's school blazer.
 2.Official St Christopher's checked skirt (new for 2017/2018, see image on the left). 
 3.Plain white school blouse with short or long sleeves and stiffened collar.
 4.Official St Christopher's school jumper with green stripe (optional).
 5.Official school tie.
 6. Plain navy-blue or black coat with no logos or badges.
 7.School scarf or plain navy-blue scarf (optional).
 8.Plain black leather school shoes. (Heels should be no higher than 2" (5cm).
9.Plain white, navy-blue, black or grey socks or tights.
10.If a hair band or fastener is worn, this should be plain navy-blue, black or white.
11.A sturdy school bag (not a fashion bag) is required, large enough to comfortably fit an A4 folder and keep all contents dry. 

Uniform for boys

 1.Official St Christopher's school blazer.
 2.Dark charcoal grey school trousers in a traditional 'standard' cut.
 3.Plain white school shirt with short or long sleeves.
 4.Official St Christopher's school jumper with green stripe (optional).
 5.Official school tie. 
 6.Plain navy-blue or black coat with no large logos or badges. 
 7.School scarf or plain navy-blue scarf (optional).
 8.Plain black leather school shoes.
9.Plain white, navy-blue, black or grey socks.
10.A sturdy school bag is required, large enough to comfortably fit an A4 folder and keep all contents dry. 

Notes on Appearance for all year groups:

1.Blouse/shirt should be worn tucked in.
2.Girls' skirts should be worn on the waist and at knee length.
3.Ties should be pulled up to shirt collar and tied at a reasonable length.
4.Pupils can wear a wristwatch.  
5.Hair for boys should be no shorter than a number two razor cut and no longer than collar length.  Tram lines or patterns cut with a razor are not allowed.  Boys are expected to be clean shaven for school.  (Where appropriate we shall be sensitive to the needs of different cultures, races and religions.)
6.Any hair colours/highlights should be natural shades or combinations of shades.
7.Girls' socks can be worn below the knee or at ankle length, not above the knee.

The following are NOT allowed:

 Slim or skinny trousers for boys. 'Standard' fit only, with no back 'patch' pockets. 
 Round-necked or polo-necked, hooded or front fastening jumpers or sweatshirts.
 Earrings or earstuds for boys.  Girls however may wear one pair of plain gold/silver studs in the lobe of the ear.  No other jewellery is allowed, including clear piercing retainers.  Please note that no jewellery, including earrings, is allowed for PE lessons.
 Facial or body piercings.
 Coats made of denim, suede, leather or sweatshirt fabric.
 Extreme hairstyles or hair colouring.  Haircuts shorter than number 2.
 Make-up, false eyelashes, nail varnish, gel or acrylic nails
 Boots, sports shoes, sandals, ballerinas, plimsolls, or suede or fabric shoes, shoes with high heels or platform soles. 
 Coloured scarves, football scarves, football hats or baseball caps.
10. Hair extensions, hair wraps, braided hair, fashion accessories.
11. Blouse/shirt worn outside skirt/trousers.
12. Frilled or over-the-knee socks.
13. Patterned tights.

Lost Property

If your child loses any of their belongings in school they should first try to find them by re-tracing their steps.  Lost PE kit is handed in to the PE Department.  Other Lost Property can be claimed from Pupil Reception.
If you could please make sure that EVERYTHING IS NAMED, it is much easier for us to return it to your child. 

Design Technology Lessons

An apron with bib is required. This is available to purchase using the order form in the pack.

General notes on Uniform/Dress

1.If it is necessary for your child to wear something which does not comply with our uniform list, a note to his/her form teacher is essential.

2.To assist us when articles are lost, and since all the various items look the same, please ensure that your child's uniform is clearly labelled wit his/her name. Examine your child's clothing from time to time, especially the coat, to ensure that it is his/her own.

3.  If parents are in doubt about the suitability of items of School clothing, please consult the School or the stockists before making your purchase. The uniform does not allow for fashion items.

3.In very cold weather, a plain navy-blue or black knitted hat may be worn when travelling  to and from school.

School Uniform Code - YEARS 10 and 11

As pupils move from Year 9 to Year 10, we introduce small changes to their uniform, marking their more senior status within school.

All pupils in Years 10 and 11 wear a senior tie, which is available from Whittakers

For girls in Years 10, a senior skirt is introduced. This is an A-line skirt with a front inverted pleat, supplied for us by Whittakers and available only from them. This official St. Christopher's school skirt is the only style, other than the junior pleated skirt, which is allowed. Please note that the previous straight skirt is being phased out in response to pupil feedback and is no longer available to Year 10/11 pupils.

Pupils in Years 10 and 11 are also allowed to wear a plain navy blue, fine-knit "V" necked jumper, in place of the school jumper, underneath their school blazer. For girls in Years 10 and 11, the option of a plain navy blue fine knit cardigan is also available. Both of these garments are only available from Whittakers.

We expect our pupils in Year 10 and 11 to set good examples to younger pupils in all areas of uniform and appearance.

Physical Education Kit

It is important for personal hygiene, health & safety and appearance that all pupils have their own specialist kit.  The Physical Education Department is keen to promote a high standard of personal dress and no exceptions to the list appended will be accepted.  It is hoped that parents will support us in our quest to encourage high standards of appearance and participation in all pupils.  

Boys PE- Kit List (Years 7-11)

1.   Black shorts with school logo*
2.   White polo shirt with school logo (indoor kit)*
3.   White ankle socks (indoor kit)
4.   Training shoes, predominantly black or white only - no other colour. 
5.   School football shirt*(outdoor kit)
6.   Black football socks (outdoor kit)
7.   Shin pads
8.   Football Boots
9.   Gum Shield  (optional)
10. School hooded top with school logo (optional)*
11. School tracksuit with school logo (optional)*
12. Towel

Girls PE - Kit List (Years 7, 8 and 9)

1.   White polo shirt with school logo (indoor kit)*
2.   Navy and green outdoor top (outdoor kit)*
3.   Navy and green skort or shorts (optional)*
4.   White ankle socks (indoor kit)
5.   Training shoes, predominantly black or white only - no other colour
6.   Shin pads
7.   Navy blue football socks (outdoor kit)
8.   Gum shield (optional)
9.   School hooded top with school logo (optional)*
10. School tracksuit with school logo (optional)*
11. Towel

Girls PE - Kit List (Years 10 and 11)

1.   White polo shirt with school logo*
2.   Navy blue shorts with school logo*
3.   White ankle socks
4.   Training shoes, predominantly black or white only - no other colour 
5.   Navy blue football socks
6.   Shin pads
7.   Gum shield (optional)
8.   Towel
9.   Navy and green outdoor top (optional)*
10. Navy and green skort or shorts (optional)*
11. School hooded top with school logo (optional)*
12. School tracksuit with school logo (optional)*

* = only available at Whittakers shop in Blackburn, from their Pendle Mill outlet or on-line.

General Notes on Kit

1.   All pupils' kit must be named, in an easily visible position, on the garment (not the label) with an iron-on or sewn-in label or permanent marker.
2.   Lost property will normally be collected at the PE office or Pupil Reception, but it is the responsibility of the pupil to enquire at the earliest opportunity for any item of kit which has been mislaid.  
3.   Parents may wish to purchase gum shields in order to protect their child's teeth when undertaking contact sports.
4.   No jewellery, and no gel or acrylic nails may be worn for PE lessons, as Health and Safety precautions (this includes clear piercing retainers).  


Although it is difficult to guarantee absolute security of pupils' valuables, every effort is made to reduce the risk of property being mislaid.  CCTV is in operation at the changing room doors.

Whittakers' on-line ordering service is available at www.whittakersschoolwear.co.uk


 Whittakers Schoolwear Suppliers

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