St Christopher's catering department aims to establish clear links between what is taught in the curriculum and what is offered for consumption to pupils in school, as well as creating an interest in food. Our dinner ladies take pride and care in providing good quality, varied nutritious food that will appeal to pupils. They encourage pupils to eat a healthy balanced diet and to understand the importance of diet to health, academic performance and well being.


  • Menus change each week and are displayed on website and notice boards.
  • Our menus adhere to Government nutrient based regulations.
  • Fat, sugar and salt contents of food & drinks are limited.
  • Food is freshly prepared on the premises daily.
  • We offer three different 'Meal Deals' daily, which include a meat, fish and vegetarian option.
  • We offer vegetarian dishes daily.
  • Every Monday is 'Meat Free Monday'
  • Healthy vending machines selling sandwiches, pasta and salad pots, fruit, drinks, yoghurts, cheese and crackers.
  • We are happy to cater for allergies and genuine food intolerances.
  • Food is sourced from local suppliers where possible, integrating school with local economy, reducing food miles and encouraging links with local rural community.
  • Two choices of fresh or frozen vegetables are offered every day, along with mixed salad bowls, coleslaw and grain salads.
  • For prices and meal deals, please see menu tariff at counters which also give allergen and ingredient information.  
  • Free school meal allowance is £2.30 

  • Jacket potatoes (including sweet potatoes) served with tuna, cheese,  cottage cheese, reduced salt/ sugar baked beans and 'special of the day' fillings 
  • Assorted sandwiches served on a variety of breads with protein, veggie and non-mayo fillings.
  • Salad bar offering pick & mix salads, plated salads, pasta tubs, salad pots, crudités and dips.

  • Fresh fruit, fruit salad pots, apple and grape bags, yoghurts, dried fruit bags, cheese and crackers.
  • Only ONE portion of sweet dessert served at lunchtime per pupil. Sweet desserts are not available in vending machines. 
  • Only School Food Trust school compliant drinks served. 

FRESH DRINKING WATER is freely available throughout the day.

  • Research has shown the value of pupils gaining regular access to fresh chilled drinking water throughout the school day. 
  • There are four chilled water units in school
  • We encourage pupils to bring clean, refillable plastic bottles each day and are expected to fill water bottles at break and lunchtime.
  • Food choices subject to availability.  
  • Menu changes to accommodate theme day food which link into school curriculum or calendar events.  

GRAB BAGS are available for pupils taking part in lunchtime activities.
  • Grab bags are located in main dining room and near the reval machines.
  • They should be completed and handed in to main kitchen before 9am.
  • They can be collected before or after pupil's lunchtime activity. 


Pupils can bring their own snack, drink and packed lunch to school. 
These must be stored in a strong container, as pupils will need to carry any food or drink brought from home in their school bag. 
There are no refrigerated storage facilities for lunch boxes in school. 
Pupils can still buy hot and cold drinks, snacks, fruit or hot puddings etc to go with the packed lunch if wished


The school has a cashless payment system. Pupils are issued with a 'swipe card' which has a unique number to the pupil when they start in Year 7. This card deducts payment at the tills and vending machines and is also used to add credit. Money can be added to the card by four methods:
  • A safe, secure online method is to pay via Parent Pay (contact school office to register)
  • Pupils can 'load' the card using cash at the reval machines in school. The credit balance can be checked at the reval machines or at the tills.
Pupils are charged £3 for replacement cards. 


The free school meal allowance, currently £2.30, is automatically put on the pupil's card daily. When using the card, other pupils and staff are completely unaware of how funds are transferred onto the dinner card and by what means, therefore the system is completely anonymous.  A recent change is that the £2.30 can be split, so pupils can enjoy toast and hot/cold drink for 50p during the morning and spend the remaining £1.80 at lunchtime. They may wish to use it all at lunchtime but the choice is there for them to make.

Details of how to apply for free school meals are available from your local education office or Lancashire County Council website.


BREAKFAST is served for all year groups from 8.15am - 8.40am 

  • Various morning goods available e.g. toast, crumpets, fruit teacakes, porridge, cereals and milk, grilled bacon sandwiches, scrambled eggs.
  • Fresh fruit, yoghurt, hot drinks, fresh milk and juices.
  • Sandwiches and salads are also available.

MORNING BREAK - 11.10am - 11.30am 

  • Food available is the same as breakfast, with the addition of toasted sandwiches and other freshly prepared bread products.
  • Year 7 are served in their own dining area. 
  • Yrs 8, 9 & 10 in main Dining Room.
  • Year 11 in Plasma lounge.

LUNCH - 1.30pm - 2.10pm (12.30pm - 1.10pm on a Friday)

  • A full menu is served everyday. 
  • Year 7 are served in their own dining area. 
  • Yrs 8, 9 & 10 in main Dining Room.
  • Year 11 in Plasma lounge
At St Christopher's, we offer a rolling three week menu pattern. If you would like to see our current menus, please click below:
If you have any questions about food and drink served in school, Mrs Bryan the Catering Manager will be happy to help you. Please telephone school office on 01254 232992 for details or email

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