Physical Education is a thriving, successful and popular subject.

As a department we aim to ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to experience a diverse programme of study which enables pupils to fully develop their range of physical, analytical and social skills.

Key Stage 3

All pupils in Years 7 & 8 will participate in 4 x 60 minute lessons per fortnight, covering the following range and content: Fitness, Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics and Problem Solving. Year 9 pupils will participate in 3 x 60 minute lessons per fortnight.

  • Fitness: The aim of this unit is to develop pupils' understanding of their own fitness and how improving their fitness impacts on their health and well-being.
  • Games: Pupils will be taught how to outwit an opponent through a range of games, including table tennis, football, basketball, badminton, hockey, volleyball, netball, rugby, handball, rounders and cricket. In each game pupil's will be taught to develop their technical performance, tactical awareness and knowledge of the rules governing the game.
  • Gymnastics: Pupils will be taught to develop specific gymnastic techniques and to perform them accurately and consistently. They will be required to create, plan, perform and evaluate sequences on both the floor and using apparatus.
  • Dance: Pupils will explore and communicate ideas, concepts and emotions through dance. This will include both set dance and creative dance, with the pupils planning, performing and evaluating their own work.
  • Orienteering: Pupils will be taught to develop their problem solving and orienteering skills through a range of on-site activities.
  • Athletics: Pupils will be taught to perform at maximum levels through a range of running, jumping and throwing techniques and the competition rules governing each event.

In all activities pupils' awareness of health, fitness and safety will be developed.

Key Stage 4

All pupils will participate in 2 x 60 minute lessons per fortnight, covering the following range and content: Fitness, Games, Dance and Athletics. In year 10 the pupils have the opportunity to complete the Sports Leaders Level 1 course. In year 11 pupils have the opportunity to participate in additional on-site and off-site activities. These include trampolining, archery, kick boxing, zumba, swimming, golf, the use of a fitness suite and mountain biking.

In addition, at KS4 the pupils have the opportunity to develop their physical skills and learn the theoretical aspects of Physical Education. The department offers the AQA GCSE Physical Education course. This will be an extra 5 x 60 minute lessons per fortnight.

To view the AQA GCSE Physical Education specification, please click HERE. 

If pupils stay on at our newly built sixth form, they can study the AQA A Level Physical Education course. Please see the A-level PE page on our Sixth Form website for more information. Additionally, the Community Sports Leaders Level 2 is offered as part of the Wednesday afternoon enrichment program.


The Department has a staff of five full-time specialist teachers. There is a well-equipped gymnasium and dance studio, a large hard surfaced areas consisting of three netball/ tennis courts, extensive on-site playing fields (including five football pitches and a 400m track), sports hall and two newly built 3G multi use games areas.

There are many clubs held at lunchtime and after school. All pupils, regardless of their ability, are encouraged to attend. Teams regularly take part in inter and intra school competitions at local, regional and national levels. In addition, coaches from a wide range of sports support the department's diverse extra-curricular programme. Activities range from traditional team games such as netball, basketball, badminton, rugby, cricket, rounders and football, to a more diverse range of activities including dance, fitness, parkour, archery, boccia and skate club.


  • Mr R Parker (Head of PE)
  • Mr D Locke (KS3 Co-ordinator)
  • Mrs A Gleave
  • Mrs H Hargreaves
  • Mr C Watts

To see a comprehensive list of this year's sporting fixtures, please click HERE.

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