Moving from primary school to secondary school can be a truly daunting prospect, so at St Christopher's, we are keen to make that transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

This page is designed for those pupils making the switch from primary to secondary and is filled with a wide range of information about what life at St Christopher's is like. We're aware that you will have a whole list of questions of your own, so where better to begin that with a list of our frequently asked questions?


Is everybody nice?

Lots of people are very friendly and welcoming at St. Christopher's. If you ever feel that somebody has been unfriendly, you must tell a teacher or older pupil, so that we can help.

How will I make friends?

We will make sure that you are in the same form group as someone from your primary school. Some new pupils are the only one from their primary and in this case we will try to find other people you might know e.g. from church, dancing or football. Otherwise, our teachers and pupils work hard to reassure you and help you to settle in quickly. Trying out the organised activities is a good way to make new friends. These include an outdoor activity day at Bowley Scout Camp in September which helps your form group to mix and get to know each other better.

What if I get lost?

Older pupils called 'Mentors' will take you to every lesson and pick you up on the Taster Day and in the first two weeks of September. This will ensure that you don't easily get lost. However, if you are ever unsure, do ask any pupil or adult in school - they will be eager to help you!

Do we share the yard with other years?

No, Year Seven have their own Dining Room and yard, to help you to settle in, make new friends and feel comfortable in your free time.

What kinds of clubs are there?

There are a number of lunchtime clubs to join in, such as Craft Club, Drama Club, Christian Union, Dance Club and Sports activities such as football, netball, cricket, badminton, running, cricket and rounders. You will be told which activities are on each day. Everybody is welcome.

What should I do if I lose my PE kit?

PE keep spare PE kit which you may borrow if you lose something. Check around school and at the PE changing rooms if you have lost an item of kit. All form rooms have a big storage box where you can leave your kit safely on PE days. Make sure that all your kit is clearly named.

How much homework will we get and what will happen if I forget it?

Teachers will usually expect you to spend around 30 minutes on each homework. You should receive no more than three pieces of homework a night. We always recommend reading. See your teacher to apologise if you forget your homework for any reason. If you do this repeatedly, there may be a consequence. Our best advice is to complete homework straight away and make sure that your bag is correctly packed before you go to bed.

What if I don't understand my homework?

Ask your teacher in the lesson, or at the end. If you are unsure at home, see your teacher the next day.

Do I have to carry my books everywhere?

You only need to carry the books for each day. Every evening, organise which books you need for the next day before you go to bed.

What can I do if I forget my lunch?

You can choose to bring a packed lunch or buy lunch from the Year Seven Dining Room. If you forget your lunch or have accidentally run out of money, tell the teacher on duty. You can usually borrow some money for your dinner card in an emergency.

What if I feel ill at school?

Often, being busy at school can take your mind off feeling a bit poorly. However, if you need to go home your teacher will give you a 'medical slip' to take to the office who will contact your family.

How do I find out my lessons and teachers?

On the first day in September, you will receive your timetable, which shows your lessons and teachers for each day. Carefully pack your bag to ensure you have everything you need for the five lessons.

What kind of rewards can I earn?

We have lots of rewards at St. Christopher's. The main ones are Credits. Behaviour for Learning Credits are awarded for good organisation and behaviour in lessons and form time. These can be cashed in for treats at break times. Academic Credits are for good effort and quality in your work. These are collected up and marked with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum certificates. The highest scoring pupils are awarded a Credit badge to wear on their blazer lapel. You can check your Credit totals on-line at

What happens if you get a detention?

Detentions are set for poor behaviour. A teacher may keep pupils in for part of break or lunchtime. For more serious issues, there is after school detention. This takes place at the end of school on a Friday and parents are informed. Don't worry though, because most pupils NEVER get detention!

Or if I'm late to school?

If you are late to school, sign in at the office and go to your assembly or lesson. If you are late due to a medical appointment, bring in a letter to show us.

How do I make sure that I get the right bus?

Teachers are on duty at the bus stops every day to help. We can also arrange for an older pupil who lives near to you to be a Buddy. They can make sure that you know the correct way to go at the start and end of the day. It is a good idea to practice your route before you start.

How hard is the work at secondary school?

We will use your Key Stage 2 results to help us decide which teaching set (class) would suit you best. The work you do in this set should fit your ability and provide a reasonable challenge. If you feel your set isn't quite right for you, tell your parents, who can make an appointment to talk to your Head of Year (the teacher in charge of Year Seven pupils).

Are there any trips for Year Seven pupils?

Have a look at the gallery below, entitled 'A year in the life of St. Christopher's Year Seven' to see all the fun activities you could be involved in!



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