Is a robust legal system the foundation of a fair and civilised society?

Can a society be judged by the way it treats criminals? How can I sue someone who has been negligent towards me? Regardless of whether you see yourself as a Barrister or Solicitor in the future, studying law will help you to develop valuable transferable skills such as problem-solving, applying knowledge, analysing and evaluating. It enhances your ability to communicate opinions and come to conclusions clearly and succinctly, it will also help you substantiate arguments and develop a critical and enquiring mind. As such it provides an excellent background for many University courses and careers.

Why Law?

Law plays a vital role in society and affects virtually all aspects of our lives from driving a car, purchasing goods or negotiating a business contract. A-Level Law is an interesting, stimulating, entertaining and testing subject. We bring the subject alive using a wide range of teaching methods, mock trials, visits to the local courts to watch trials and a visit to London where we go to the Houses of Parliament to see where laws are made and the new Supreme Court to see where they are practically applied.

Any special requirements?

No previous knowledge of Law is required. The course involves a great deal of listening, reading, note-taking and extended writing so you must feel confident in these skills. An enquiring mind, commitment and a determination to work hard are essential.

What will I study?


AS -

Unit 1; Law Making and the Legal System; How laws are made and interpreted, how legislation is delegated, the work of juries and magistrates, the criminal and civil courts and alternatives to the formal legal system.
Unit 2; The Concept of Liability; How is a crime committed, offences against the person, the criminal court process. How is negligence proved and the civil trial process.

A2 -

Unit 3; Offences Against the Person; The application of the offences of murder, manslaughter, non-fatal offences and the defences of insanity, automatism, intoxication, consent and self-defence.

Unit 4; Offences Against the Property and Concept of Law; Theft, burglary, robbery, blackmail, fraud and the defences of self-defence, intoxication and duress. An extended essay question on themes of justice and morality.

How will I be assessed? 

 We follow the AQA Specification and there is no coursework element, you will be required to take 2 exams at AS and 2 exams at A2. Students sit exams in June and each exam is worth 25% of your final A-level Grade.

Further information 

Please click here for a course leaflet. If you would like further information about this subject please contact the Head of Law, Miss E Smith at:

Queens Road West
T 01254 232 992
F 01254 355 215

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