Our pupils mean the world to us.

They are encouraged to eat healthily and are offered healthy options in our school dining room. Pupils have access to fresh drinking water throughout the school day. A new eating area has recently been opened offering a pleasant environment for pupils to enjoy cold food and salads. Furthermore we were awarded the National Healthy Schools status earlier this year.

We promote physical activity in PE lessons and by offering a wide range of clubs, activities and teams in the extra curriculum. We have a new Sports Hall offering excellent facilities for physical activity, and four dedicated full time staff.

Our Year Heads work closely with the SENCO and school mentor and liaise regularly with the School Nurse and EWO in order to ensure our pupils are well supported. A good number of our senior pupils are trained to be Mentors, linked to Year 7 forms, in order to offer support to pupils in their first year, and a team of "Buddies" offers support to pupils in all year groups. Our school mentor runs lunch time clubs for younger pupils, supported by the Lancashire Children's Fund and our Learning Support team, under our SENCO offer support to pupils and their parents.

Our pupils study a programme of PSHE which runs throughout their five years. Within this, they cover areas which help to ensure that they stay healthy and safe, such as Drugs Education, Sex and Relationships education, personal safety and Healthy Eating.

Our main aim is to ensure that all pupils who experience learning difficulties, for whatever reason, receive their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum at St Christopher's. Support is provided on the basis of individual needs. Pupils are screened when they enter the school and, with the aid of specialist teachers, appropriate means of support are provided. This can include:

  • the creation of special teaching groups
  • extra teacher support in lessons
  • extra teacher support outside the classroom
  • the provision of special equipment such as laptop computers
  • a variety of supported activities at lunch-time
  • computer-assisted learning using a literacy acceleration programme
  • assessment for special arrangements for GCSE, Key Stage 3 tests and internal exams

Every effort is made to involve the pupils and their parents in the process so that pupils with learning difficulties reach their full potential.

To download the Powerpoint Presentation delivered by Mrs Moran at the recent Yr 11 Parents' Information evening, which gives information of what to expect throughout this challenging academic year, please click HERE.

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